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Zeitschriftenartikel / journal articles:

  • Brown, M., and R. Rashid. 2024. “A Possible Parthian-Era Anahita Sanctuary at Rabana in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq”, Iraq 85. doi:10.1017/irq.2023.6

  • Brown, M., K. Raheem and H. Abdullah. 2022. “Rabana-Merquly: A fortress in the kingdom of Adiabene in the Zagros Mountains”, Antiquity 96 (388): 920–936.

  • Brown, M. 2020. “The Mountain Fortresses of Rabana-Merquly in Iraqi-Kurdistan”, BAF-Online: Proceedings of the Berner Altorientalisches Forum 4 (1). https://doi.org/10.22012/baf.2019.19.

  • Brown, M., K. Rasheed, R. Dörr and J. Heiler. 2020. “Die Bergbefestigung von Rabana-Merquly in Irakisch-Kurdistan: Ein Vorbericht der Grabungskampagne 2019”, Mitteilungen der Deutschen Orient-Gesellschaft 152: 91–110.

  • Miglus, P., M. Brown and J. Aguilar. 2018. “Two Parthian Rock-Reliefs from Amādiya in Iraqi-Kurdistan”, Zeitschrift für Orient-Archäologie 11: 110–129.

  • Brown, M., P. Miglus, K. Rasheed and M. Ahmad. 2018. “Portraits of a Parthian king: rock-reliefs and the mountain fortresses of Rabana-Merquly in Iraqi Kurdistan”, Iraq 80: 63–77.

  • Brown, M. 2018. “Biological perspectives on Hittite brewing”, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 20: 596–601.

  • Brown, M. 2017. “Landscape and Settlement in Late Bronze Age Cyprus: Investigations at Pyla-Kokkinokremos, 2007-2009”, Palestine Exploration Quarterly 149 (4): 274–294.

  • Devillers, B., M. Brown and C. Morhange. 2015. “Paleo-Environmental Evolution of the Larnaca Salt Lakes (Cyprus) and the Relationship to Second Millennium BC Settlement”, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 1: 73–80.

  • Brown, M. 2013. “Waterways and the Political Geography of South-East Cyprus in the Second Millennium BC”, Annual of the British School at Athens 108: 121–136.

  • Brown, M. 2009. “Ancestral Veneration and the Settlement History of Tell Sūkās”, Palestine Exploration Quarterly 141 (2): 138–151.

  • Brown, M., and W.R. Caraher. 2008. “‘The Ancient Maritime Landscape of Pyla”, Sanctuary 37: 62–63 (UK Ministry of Defence conservation magazine).

  • Wilkinson, T.J., E. Peltenburg, A. McCarthy, E. Wilkinson and M. Brown. 2007. “Archaeology in the Land of Carchemish: landscape surveys in the area of Jerablus Tahtani, 2006”, Levant 39: 213–247.


Buchkapitel / book chapters:

  • Brown, M., and R. Dörr. 2023. “Die Bergbefestigungen von Rabana-Merquly”, in J. Marzahn and D. Wicke, eds. Zwischen Schwarzem Meer und Persischem Golf. 125 Jahre Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, pp. 146–151.

  • Brown, M., and S. Amelirad. 2023. “Imperial Control and Highland Resilience in the Parthian Zagros”, in R. Bernbeck, G. Eberhardt and S. Pollock, eds. Coming to Terms with the Future. Concepts of Resilience for the Study of Early Iranian Societies. Leiden: Sidestone, pp. 209–226.

  • Brown, M. 2020. “Carchemish and the Hittite Empire in the Middle Euphrates Valley”, in D. Lawrence, M. Altaweel and G. Philip, eds. New Agendas in Remote Sensing and Landscape Archaeology in the Near East: Studies in Honor of Tony J. Wilkinson. Oxford: Archaeopress, pp. 189–201.

  • Brown, M., and T.J. Wilkinson. 2017. “The Euphrates States and Elbistan (Archaeology)”, in L. Ullmann and M. Weeden, eds. The Geography and Landscape of the Hittites. Leiden: Brill, pp. 110–121.

  • Brown, M., and S. Smith. 2016. “The Land of Carchemish and its neighbours during the Neo-Hittite period (ca. 1190-717 BC)”, in T.J. Wilkinson, E. Peltenburg and E. Barbanes Wilkinson, eds. Carchemish in Context: The Land of Carchemish Project, 2006-2010. London: Oxbow, pp. 22–37.


Ausgewählte wissenschaftliche Vorträge / Selected scientific lectures:


The Mountain Fortress of Rabana in Iraqi Kurdistan (Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft 125 Jahre Festkolloquium, James-Simon-Galerie, Museumsinsel, Berlin)


with P. Miglus: Tracking Adiabene: Kingship and Cult Iconography in the Zagros (Trans-Regional Encounters conference, Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)


with S. Amelirad: Imperial Control and Highland Resilience in the Parthian Zagros (Coming to Terms with the Future: Concepts of Resilience for the Study of Premodern Societies conference, Ruhr-Universität Bochum - online)


Parthian-Era Rock-Reliefs in the Zagros Highlands of Iraqi Kurdistan (Lecture presented at the Institut für Archäologische Wissenschaften, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt am Main - online)


Rabana-Merquly: a royal city of Adiabene in the Zagros Mountains, Iraqi Kurdistan (Paper presented at British Association of Near Eastern Archaeologists BANEA annual meeting, University of Oxford)


The Mountain Fortresses of Rabana-Merquly in Iraqi Kurdistan (4th Berner Altorientalisches Forum BAF, University of Bern)


The Parthian Mountain Fortresses of Rabana-Merquly in Iraqi-Kurdistan: Investigations 2016-17 (British Association of Near Eastern Archaeologists BANEA annual meeting, Durham University)


Forced Migration in the Middle Euphrates Valley: Ancient Empires and Modern Perspectives (Archaeology of Forced Migration: Conflict-induced Movement and Refugees in the Mediterranean at the End of the 13th century BC conference, Université catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium)


with B. Devillers: Environmental Change and State-Level Agency in Protohistoric Cyprus: Infilling of the Yialias Ria (Environment, Landscape and Society: Diachronic Perspectives on Settlement Patterns in Cyprus conference, Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute, Nicosia, Cyprus)


with P.A. McGovern: Ancient Ales and Extreme Beverages: An Interview with Patrick E. McGovern, Archaeology of Brewing session (Chartered Institute for Archaeologists CIfA annual conference, University of Leicester)


Frontiers and Empires in the Middle Euphrates Valley: Results from the Land of Carchemish (Syria) Project (Paper presented at British Association of Near Eastern Archaeologists BANEA annual meeting, University College London)


Geoarchaeology in Cyprus and the Bronze Age kingdom of Alashiya (Public lecture presented at the British Institute Amman, Jordan)


Landscapes of Settlement in Late Bronze Age Cyprus (Public seminar presented at the School of History, Classics and Archaeology, University of Edinburgh)


New investigations at Pyla-Kokkinokremos (9th annual Postgraduate Cypriot Archaeology (POCA) Conference, Oxford)


Intrasite Spatial Analysis and the Settlement History of Tell Sūkās (Public lecture presented at the Institut für Vorderasiatische Archäologie, Freie Universität Berlin)

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