Dr. Michael Brown - Publikationen

  • Brown, M. and T. J. Wilkinson (in press 2017) ‘The Euphrates States and Elbistan (Archaeology)’, in L. Ullmann and M. Weedon (eds.) The Geography and Landscape of the Hittites. Leiden: Brill, pp. 110-121.
  • Brown, M. (in press 2017) ‘Carchemish and the Hittite Empire in the Middle Euphrates Valley’, in D. Lawrence, M. Altaweel and G. Philip (eds.) New Agendas in Remote Sensing and Landscape Archaeology in the Near East: Studies in Honor of Tony J. Wilkinson. Chicago: Oriental Institute Publications.
  • Brown, M. and S. Smith (2016) ‘The Land of Carchemish and its neighbours during the Neo-Hittite period (ca. 1190-717 BC)’, in T. J. Wilkinson, E. Peltenburg and E. Barbanes Wilkinson (eds.) Carchemish in Context: The Land of Carchemish Project, 2006-2010. London: Oxbow, pp. 22-37.
  • Devillers, B., M. Brown, C. Morhange (2015) ‘Paleo-Environmental Evolution of the Larnaca Salt Lakes (Cyprus) and the Relationship to Second Millennium BC Settlement’, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 1, 73-80.
  • Brown, M. (2013) ‘Waterways and the Political Geography of South-East Cyprus in the Second Millennium BC’, Annual of the British School at Athens 108, 121-136.
  • Brown, M. (2009) ‘Ancestral Veneration and the Settlement History of Tell Sūkās’, Palestine Exploration Quarterly 141:2, 138-151.
  • Wilkinson, T. J., E. Peltenburg, A. McCarthy, E. Wilkinson, M. Brown (2007) ‘Archaeology in the Land of Carchemish: landscape surveys in the area of Jerablus Tahtani, 2006’, Levant 39, 213-247.
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