Why study at the IÜD?

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There are many good reasons to study at the Heidelberg Institute for Translation and Interpreting (Institut für Übersetzen und Dolmetschen, abbreviated IÜD).

Whether you are a student, a researcher or an instructor, the IÜD offers a wealth of possibilities to take part in exchange programmes thanks to its countless contacts and collaborations with foreign institutions.

The institute's own Work Placement Centre mediates international work placements during the study programme.

If you are a German native speaker seeking to improve your foreign language skills in Heidelberg, you may volunteer to participate in the Buddy Programme and assist a foreign student during their first few weeks at the institute and in Heidelberg. If you are a foreign student seeking to improve your German proficiency, you can sign up for the Buddy Programme to have a buddy assigned to you.

The Students' Representative Council (Fachschaft) offers additional support and guidance to all students at the IÜD. To help you start your course of studies as best prepared as possible, the institute offers language courses for translators in the languages German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish as well as English (only for ERASMUS students) before and during the semester.

The institute's professionally engaged faculty with extensive business contacts as well as its internal Job Board will facilitate your search for a relevant and suitable part-time job during your degree programme and help you start off your career once you have graduated.

Versatile research activities after completion of the Master's degree offer prospects for further academic training.

The city of Heidelberg is not only an internationally renowned hotspot of tourist attractions but also offers a wide array of study programmes, career opportunities and leisure-time activities. The combination of a rich history with long-standing traditions and a vibrant international and academic atmosphere are what make this university city so special. The vast number of recreational opportunities, the broad spectrum of cultural attractions and the city's central location amid the metropolitan Rhine-Neckar region — not to mention the fact that it is home to important commercial enterprises (such as SAP) as well as other academic institutions — all come together to put Heidelberg entirely in a league of its own.

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