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Library regulations

Use of the library
Borrowing of library material
Conditions for professors, lecturers, assistant lecturers
Conditions for students
Borrowing of CD-ROMs

Library of the Seminar of Translation and Interpreting
(16/46 or DI)

The departmental library of the Seminar of Translation and Interpreting and the Seminar of German as a Foreign Language is a reference library with limited borrowing facilities (see: Borrowing of library materials).



 Use of the library:

  • Coats and bags cannot be brought into the library. They should be left in the lockers at the entrance.
  • Eating, drinking and smoking is not permitted in the reading rooms. Mobile phones must not be used in the library
  • Books are to be put back in their places after use.
  • Any books, maps, laptops etc. must be presented voluntarily for inspection by the members of the library staff upon leaving the library.
  • Borrowers who damage books, underline passages and make annotations may be excluded from using the library and will have to pay the costs of repair or replacement of an item.


Borrowing of library material:

The departamental library is a reference one and there are limits on the number of library materials which can be borrowed. A lending form is to be filled out for each borrowed item.

Persons entitled to use the library:


Professors, lecturers, assistant lecturers:

  • The members of the academic staff of both Seminars may borrow books for three months. Periodicals must be returned within three days.
  • Members of other institutes at the University of Heidelberg may borrow books for two weeks. Periodicals must be returned within three days.
  • If a book is used in the Seminar, it must be returned immediately.



  • Students of both Seminars may borrow foreign language literature upon presentation of their student card for a period of up to two weeks with the possibilty of renewal.
  • Students of other institutes (also exam candidates) are not allowed to borrow any books.
  • Borrowing books for a night, a weekend or a holiday is not possible.


Borrowing of CD-ROMs:

  • Members of the academic staff and students of both Seminars may borrow up to two CD-ROMs for the period of three days.
  • CD-ROMs with the signature which suggests special location ("Prof...") or a different department ("Franz. Abteilung") cannot be borrowed.
  • Any breach of the library regulations may be punished (payment of the costs of repair or replacement of an item, suspension of borrowing privileges or the right to use the library.)


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