Equal Opportunities Commissioner


The Equal Opportunities Commissioner advocates for the various concerns and interests of women at Heidelberg University who work in non-scientific administrative, librarian, laboratory and technical roles.

She advises and supports university management in implementing the Equal Opportunity Act, in creating the related plan, and in establishing the structures that underlie it. She advises both men and women on issues of work-life balance. The core areas of her work include:

  • Implementing structures for equal opportunity in career
  • Improving employment and advancement opportunities for women
  • Balancing work and family
    • Pregnancy, maternity and parental leave
    • Rejoining the workforce after having a family
    • Support services for children
    • Care of family members
    • Telecommuting
  • Work hours regulations
  • Dealing with workplace conflicts
    • Sexual harassment, bullying or stalking
  • Career and advanced training
  • Workplace safety and health


Once a year she calls a meeting of all female administrative, librarian, laboratory and technical staff to address current issues and concerns.

Individual meetings and consultations are always confidential.

The responsibilities and legal status of the Equal Opportunities Commissioner were laid down in 2005 in the Equal Opportunity Act of Baden-Württemberg. The Equal Opportunities Commissioner is supported by her deputy. She is elected every four years by all women in the non-scientific area by postal vote and is appointed by the Rector of Heidelberg University for four years.


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