Symposia at the IWH are conferences sponsored by the University of Heidelberg. Prerequisites for inclusion in the IWH's symposia program are: 

  • a high scientific level of the project
  • a list of participants that is international and interdisciplinary
  • a balanced proportion of participants from the University of Heidelberg and from other institutions
  • sufficient participation by junior researchers (approx. 20%)

The initiative for a symposium should be taken by interested members of the University of Heidelberg. The IWH provides advice for cost calculation.

Decision-making committee

The decision-making committee for symposia is a curatory board that is composed of the rector and the chancellor of the University, the director of the IWH and the deputy director (as permanent members) and twelve University of Heidelberg professors from various disciplines (as members with limited terms).   

The curatory board makes decisions as to the inclusion of a symposium project in the IWH's schedule of events. It meets twice a year.


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