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Diversity in Teaching

Recommendations for diversity-sensitive online teaching


The coronavirus pandemic has turned all our lives upside down. Along with it, working life has changed significantly, too. Who would have thought a year ago that working from home would become the standard and that teaching at the University would mostly take place online? As lecturers, many of you are confronted with additional burdens: switching to online teaching, dealing with the closure of day-care centres and schools, maybe you have a higher risk of a serious progression of COVID-19 yourself, or maybe you are worried about relatives who are ill. One thing is for sure: The coronavirus crisis has amplified existing inequalities. This also affects students.

This is why we have prepared a document with recommendations to support you in online teaching. It can be accessed here.


HSE Online Tutorial: Gender and Diversity in Teacher Education


“Tolerance and Acceptance of Diversity” – this is the perspective guiding Baden-Wuerttemberg’s Education Plan 2016. It is designed to promote anti-discrimination, self-discovery and critical reflection on prejudices, stereotypes and clichés at schools in the state. But how do we get from the principles as defined in the Education Plan to their implementation at school? What needs to be kept in mind?

The online tutorial “Gender and Diversity in Teacher Education,” which is being developed as part of the “HSE: Go digital! Now!” collaborative project, is concerned with precisely these questions. More information on the HSE’s project can be found here.

Gender & diversty studies


A detailed list of all current university courses on the topic of gender and diversity can be found here.

Announcement: Financing “Diversity Innovations” teaching assignments


In the “University of Excellence, Diversity and Equal Opportunities” programme of the University of Excellence application, the next item on the agenda is to promote the consideration of the topic of diversity in the subject fields, too. With the “Diversity Innovations” programme, the Equal Opportunities Office finances teaching assignments from all institutes that are concerned in a subject-specific manner with diversity dimensions such as gender, age, cultural background or worldview, socioeconomic background, disability/chronic illness and sexual orientation.

Teaching assignments that look at multiple dimensions of diversity (“intersectionality”) are especially welcome.

Applications from STEM disciplines are also very welcome.

Application and approval process:

Starting now, please submit your applications by email to gleichstellungsbuero@uni-heidelberg.de. There is no preset application form but the application should contain a description of the contents of the planned teaching assignment, perhaps you can already name a person that could teach the course.


If your application is approved, the Equal Opportunities Office will cover the cost of the teaching assignment, the organisational implementation of the teaching assignments remains the responsibility of the respective institutes.


If you have any questions, please contact


Evelyn Kuttikattu, Diversity Management


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