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Scholarships for people affected by war

Heidelberg University has launched a scholarship programme for academics affected by the war in Ukraine. The funding is aimed at doctoral students, post-doctoral researchers and established academics from Ukraine, Russia and Belarus who had to leave their country due to the war. The scholarships are intended to enable them to begin or continue their academic work in Heidelberg. In addition, Heidelberg University supports and advises academics who had to flee the three countries with further offers and has set up a donation account for this purpose.


The scholarships, which can be applied for until 31 August 2022, will fund guest stays at Heidelberg University in 2022 and 2023 for a duration of one to three months. A one-time extension is possible under certain conditions. The amount of support, which ranges from 1,700 euros per month to a maximum of 2,800 euros, depends on the level of academic qualification and marital status.


Applications are open to (young) academics who worked at a Ukrainian university before the war began and who either have Ukrainian citizenship or come from third countries and cannot return to their home country for political or humanitarian reasons. Also eligible to apply are (young) academics from Russia or Belarus who had to leave their country due to the war and would like to continue their academic work at Ruperto Carola. Furthermore, applications are open to visiting academics with Ukrainian, Russian or Belarusian citizenship who were working at an institution of higher education in their country and were already at Heidelberg University before the start of the war on 24 February 2022 and now wish to continue their academic work in Heidelberg. 


For further support for doctoral candidates and scientists as well as students affected by the war, Heidelberg University has set up a donation account in order to be able to provide unbureaucratic help. Scientists and scholars can contact the Department of Research and the Welcome Centre of the Department of International Relations at Ruperto Carola with all questions regarding a stay and an activity at Heidelberg University. The Welcome Centre also advises and supports Heidelberg teaching staff to help refugee colleagues in applying for funding programmes, such as the "Philipp Schwartz Initiative for Scientists at Risk".

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