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“The coaching has given me the encouragement to focus on my career planning and to reflect on which path I want to take. Ms Scheer has encouraged me to explore all the options I can think of and actively explore the black boxes.
In particular, she helped me to feel my way through the different career paths. I would like to thank Ms Scheer very much for the pleasant and positive atmosphere throughout the coaching.”

Dr Sebastian Dittmeier, Physikalisches Institut, Heidelberg University

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heiTRACKS Career coaching for postdocs

Symbol-Grafik Karrierecoaching für Postdocs

Career coaching for postdocs offers you short-term assistance with professional orientation, career planning, and decision-making. In a confidential dialogue with your coach, you work through your individual questions, consider diverse perspectives, strengthen your resources, and prepare the next steps.

This offer is part of heiTRACKS and particularly designed for postdocs who graduated at least two years to a maximum of six years ago and who are currently employed at Heidelberg University.

  • The career coaching process usually entails three appointments of 90 minutes each.
  • The exact procedure will be agreed upon during the initial meeting with internal coach Dr Susanne Scheer.
  • Internal career coaching is funded through the University of Excellence and is therefore free for postdocs.
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If appropriate, you can also be referred to an external coach for career coaching. Please note that the costs are usually financed from personal, institute, or third-party funds.

We will be happy to answer any questions on the content and organisation of the coaching services available. Confidentiality is, of course, guaranteed.


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