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Club Parentes – Student Parents Meeting

The Student Parents Meeting "Club Parentes" is specifically aimed at student parents in Heidelberg. During the lecture period students and PhD candidates have the opportunity to meet at Café Einhorn, Triplex Mensa, Universitätsplatz to exchange views, network and support each other.

Plakat Club ParentesChildren can get to know one another and explore Café Einhron's deiverse play opportunities.

In addition to regular exchanges between parents, different speakers will prepare short presentations on exciting topics that are of interest to student parents specifically.





Programme during summer semester 2017:


26.04.2017, 3pm-5pm, Café Einhorn, Triplex Mensa Universitätsplatz

Student Parents – what's on offer at Heidelberg University? Information on studying with children. With Lena Espla and Charlotte v. Knobelsdorff (studying with children counselling).



24.05.2017, 3pm-5pm, Café Einhorn, Triplex Mensa Universitätsplatz

Taster course: Yoga with Children. With Veronika Dressler (yoga instructor). Please register via email so that we can organise yoga mats.



21.06.2017, 3pm-5pm, Café Einhorn, Triplex Mensa Universitätsplatz

"Age-appropriate nutrition for children" (in German). Advice on all things nutrition, from baby to toddler. With Stephanie Henrich (BeKi speaker (mindful nutrition), FORUM Ernährung). Since there are only 16 places available, please register via email.



19.07.2017, 3pm-5pm, Café Einhorn, Triplex Mensa Universitätsplatz

Fit for the summer! Movement games in the playground. With Juan Corro (dance educator)



Registration is required only in exceptional cases. Children are, of course, always welcome. Just come around!


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