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The Heidelberg Pass is available to Heidelberg residents with low income who fulfil certain requirements, to resident families with at least two children or to single parents living in Heidelberg. Similar to the Family Pass of Baden-Württemberg it offers admission to city facilities at reduced rates. Eligibility requirements are listed on the application form on the website of the City of Heidelberg.


Baden-Württemberg Family Pass (Landesfamilienpass)


The Family Pass and an accompanying booklet of coupons (vouchers) are offered, irrespective of income, to families with three or more children, to single parents with one or more children and to families with a severely disabled child. The pass and booklet are available for free at the relevant city's administrative offices (Bürgerämter).


Alimony payment of the Children and Youth Office


The law on child support (KindUG) regulates children's right to support. In principle, every minor child is entitled to receive support, irrespective of the marital status of his/her parents. The obligation to support basically remains in place until the child has completed a professional education. If a child lives with just one parent, only the other parent is liable for financial support. Once the child has come of age, however, both parents are liable for financial support according to their income. If fatherhood is not acknowledged, paternity needs to be declared (filing of action) in order to enforce the claims for support. Contact the Children and Youth Office for advice on this issue.


Children and Youth Office Heidelberg (Jugendamt)
Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 3,
69117 Heidelberg
Phone: 06221 58-38430 und 58-38431
Fax: 06221 58-48510

Good to know: Single parents can also seek advice from the association of single mothers and fathers (Verband alleinerziehender Mütter und Väter (VAMV)) (see appendix for addresses).


Federal Foundation “Mother and Child”


Wandertag Clubparentes 010

Pregnant women may apply for financial aid at the Federal Foundation “Mother and Child”. There is no legal entitlement and the funding is income-related.

The financial support is paid in form of a one-off allowance. The money is intended for maternity dresses, baby equipment and necessary furniture or household items.

An application has to be made during pregnancy from the fourteenth week of pregnancy onwards – it is not possible to apply after the child is born. You need a maternity pass as well as written confirmations on rent (Mietbescheinigung) and income or alimony. Institutions in charge of applications and further counselling are, for example: Pro Familia, Diakonisches Werk, Caritasverband, Sozialdienst Katholischer Frauen e.V.

Please note: Social welfare beneficiaries are not entitled to this aid. They may claim benefits related to pregnancy or childbirth at the Sozialamt (social welfare office).


Final Exams Loan of the Studierendenwerk


In cases of hardship, the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg can provide a loan to students close to finishing their course of study, who are not or no longer eligible to receive BAföG. The amount advanced is limited to the maximum of six times the monthly BAföG entitlement, with one per cent of the loan being retained as an administrative fee. The loan will only be given out to students whose graduation and completion of studies can be anticipated within the next six to nine months. Proof of a qualified guarantor and of enrolment at a university within the area of responsibility of the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg also need to be provided – exam takers on a leave of absence or who have de-registered need to demonstrate that they have still paid their contributions to the Studierendenwerk. The loan is interest-free; however, delayed repayment leads to defaulted interest or moratorium interest charges.


Official Assistance


The new law on official assistance (§§ 1712-1717 German Civil Code (BGB)) no longer differentiates between children born in wedlock and children born out of wedlock. Only a single parent can apply for 'voluntary' official assistance. The application has to be submitted in writing to the Children and Youth Office. The official assistance may be terminated anytime by the person having sole custody of the child. The official assistance assumes two tasks: the determination of paternity/maternity and the enforcement of claims for support.


Bishop's fund and aid fund of the Diakonisches Werk


The counselling centre of the Catholic Women's Welfare Service offers financial aid for women in emergency situations during pregnancy or within two years after childbirth by means of the bishop's fund of the Archdiocese Freiburg. Appointments are allocated in a timely manner.
Bauamtsgasse 8, 69117 HD and Felix-Wankel-Str. 25, 69126 HD
Phone: 137086-13

The Diakonische Werk Heidelberg (social welfare organisation of Germany’s Protestant churches) also offers counselling for pregnant women or pregnant women in conflict situations and provides financial support in emergency situations.
Karl-Ludwig-Str. 6, 69117 HD
Phone: 5375-25
E-Mail: charlotte.geretschlä


Exemption from radio and TV license fees


Unihd Internatstudent 6898It is possible to apply for exemption from radio and TV licence fees or a fee reduction for financial or health reasons. Recipients of social security benefits (unemployment pay II, social welfare etc.) or benefits for asylum seekers, severely disabled persons or students on BAföG who have their own household may be exempted from radio and TV license fees. Students from non-EU/ EEA countries are factually excluded from the exemption.

ARD ZDF Deutschland
50656 Köln
Application forms are available at the city administration or online:


Credits to Finance your Studies


Credit institutions offering student loans nationwide

Unihd Skulptur Hauptstr126 06swThe KfW-Studienkredit offers funding options for students. For more information on the application procedure, payments, or repayment regulations see

An accounting clerk of the Studierendenwerk's BAföG department can calculate your personal credit limit (different conditions and a possible handling fee apply). The Student Finance Department in particular can inform you on alternative options beforehand.

Credit institutions operating nationwide, regionally or locally (Sparkasse, Volksbank) offer student loans as well.

You can also have a staff member of the Student Finance Department calculate your personal KfW-loan and conclude the signing of the contract at the Studierendenwerk directly.



Federal Credit Programme


The Federal Credit Programme has been in place since 2001. The credit in question is low-interest and granted independently of BAföG by the Federal Administration Office.

Phone: 0800 BAFOEG1 0800 2236341
Fax: 0228 99-3584850

Professional counselling on this matter is available from The Student Finance Department of the Studierendenwerk Heidelberg.



Interest-bearing loans according to BAföG § 17 Sect. 3


Students at universities, colleges, and academies can receive an interest-bearing loan:

  • if the education/training undertaken in addition to a university education is a legal prerequisite for the profession aspired to
  • if another education/training is necessary to accomplish the educational goal
  • in cases of an extended duration of studies due to a change of academic subject (not the first change of subject for important reasons).
  • if support is needed to complete a course of study.


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