Microstructures in Elasticity and Phase-Transforming Solids

Heidelberg, April 6th -- April 8th, 2022


A wealth of complex microstructures is observed in elastic materials and phase-transforming solids, including complicated interfaces, complex nucleation dynamics, avalanching behaviour, and the formation of dislocations and fracture to name just a few. These physical effects in turn give rise to challenging mathematical problems and structures. It is the purpose of this workshop to bring together experts both from the engineering and the mathematical communities, leading to fruitful interaction and exchange on recent progress on these problems.



Hörsaal Mathematikon, Berlinerstraße 41






Prof. Dr. Hans Knüpfer, Prof. Dr. Anna Marciniak-Czochra, Prof. Dr. Angkana Rüland, Dr. Antonio Tribuzio

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