Functional Analysis 1 (SoSe 2020)


All teaching of the research group will make use of the Moodle platform and is also listed on Müsli. Please register on both platforms. Detailed information will be posted on moodle. 

Lecture times:

  • Wednesday, 11-13 
  • Friday, 9-11 

Due to the current situation the course will take place online. The lectures will be recorded and uploaded onto Moodle.


Course Description:

This lecture is an introduction to the main concepts of functional analysis. These include the investigation of function spaces, linear operators and functionals, weak convergence and an introduction to the spectral theory of compact operators.



Calculus 1-3 and Linear Algebra 1,2.



These also take place online. The exercise sheets will be published every Friday on this webpage and on Moodle. Please send your solutions to your tutor via moodle or email by the respective following Friday by 9 am. Please register in Müsli for the tutorials. The tutorials will start in the week of April 27th.

All information will be posted on Moodle.


Exams and Examadmission:

In order to be admited to the exam you will need to achieve 50% of the points in the exercises. An active participation in the tutorial sessions is expected. The exams are planned for the following dates:

  • Main exam: 10.08.2020: 9:15-10:45 in Geb. 308, HS1 und HS2, please check Moodle for further information, in particular, for the Corona regulations for the exam.
  • Second exam: 26.09.2020: 9:15-10:45 am in the seminarroom A, please check Moodle for further information, in particular, for the Corona regulations for the exam (an email was sent via Müsli regarding this).

Further information will be made available on moodle during the course of the semester.





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