Lecture: Elliptic partial differential equations (SoSe 2021)


All teaching of the research group will make use of the Moodle platform and is also listed on Müsli. Please register on both platforms. Detailed information will be posted on moodle. 

Lecture times:

  • Tuesday 9:15-10:45 am,
  • Thursday 9:15-10:45 am.

The lecture will be taking place in an online synchronous format.

Course Description:

This lecture is a continuation of the lectures functional analysis and partial differential equations 1. The lecture will discuss the regularity theory of elliptic PDEs. Some of the main topics will be

  • the well-posedness of the problem, Hilbert space methods,
  • Schauder theory,
  • Calderon-Zygmund theory,
  • Nash-Moser iteration.

As applications we will either discuss some geometric, elliptic PDEs such as harmonic maps or nonlocal PDEs.


Introduction to PDEs and functional analysis.

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