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Please send a mail to Kalenderadmin

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Here you can find the following calendars:




Großtier OP


After clicking the respective link, you will be led to the Log-In-Site, where

you can use the user data from your e-Mail to gain access.


If you need to cancel an appointment, please send an e-Mail in advance (3 days prior)

to the adress


Should you need access to the calendar, please send an e-Mail to the e-Mail adress as above

with the following information (or use the link in the right column):

  • work group
  • Name
  • e-Mail adress (official, no private ones please).

Please note in your e-Mail, for which calendar you need access!

Since Firefox Version 47 there have been problems when booking. Please use Google Chrome, as booking with this browser works flawless. Alternatively, you can use Internet Explorer or Safari.


You can use the links in the right column for all tasks, this will generate an e-Mail, in which you can provide the necessary information.


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