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Responsible small animals
Dr. Sabine Soltek
56-34975 / 54-5713

Christina Boroffka
54-5725 / 54-5713

Responsible livestock
Dr. Kristianna Becker

Dr. Susanne Serba
54-8284 / 54-5836

Order forms etc.

Animal orders


According to the departmental note of Heidelberg university animal orders may only be executed by the IBF.


We cannot accept any informal orders. Please use the provided empty forms, which you can find on our forms page. In addition you can find relevant information regarding the order of livestock or small animals under the respective tabs.

Small animals

To ensure the high hygienic status in the barrier units, it has to be clear that animals coming into barrier from outside do not endanger this. Therefore it is necessary to establish formal rules regarding incoming animals, even if they are delivered from commercial breeders.

The breeding companies Charles River and Janvier provide so-called "SOPF"-animals, which do not carry any opportunistic micro-organisms in addition to their SP status and provide an even higher hygienic standard. "SOPF"-animals can be brought into the barrier without an entry examination.

For the first order of SPF-animals (also true for the KEB) it has to be made sure (even if the hygienic record is spotless), that the animals do not carry specific micro-organisms (e.g. Klebsiella). For that, sample animals from the originating housing unit, where the animals are held, are taken and undergo a microbiologic examination in our lab. When the examination is done and our criteria are met, additional animals can be ordered.
The cost for the necessary animals (normally 2 animals per housing unit) unfortunately has to be paid by the user, the costs for the microbiologic tests and examinations are paid by the IBF. The animals which are required for the microbiologic examination are not going to be deducted from your contingent.

Please add on your order form the information, that the animals are ordered for entry examination. Gernerally speaking, all test and examinations are normally done within two weeks. Be advised that you include this period into your plans.

Order guidelines (german)

The table above has been created according to current info (October 2014). As current hygienic status changes at commercial breeders may occur at any time, this table may be modified due to more recent information. If animals are to be transferred via rederivation/embryo transfer, we would ask you to contact our biotechnology lab in advance (Frank Zimmermann, Sascha Dlugosz). If animals are to be brought into the KEB or the Mouse Hotel , we would like to ask you to contact Ulrike Gaertner in advance.

Animla orders are only possible by providing the completed form (see „Hints for completing the form“). Please send the form by e-mail to or by FAX (545713)
If you have any questions concerning the order process or special orders do not hesitate to contact us (phone: 545725)!
If you have to cancel an order which is already taken by the company we demand a service fee of €15.- per position.

Firma   Day of delivery Deadline for orders*
Charles River (Crl) Adult animals Wednesday  or Friday** Friday the week before, 11 am
  Mated animals(Mating only Monday to Friday ) Wednesday oder Friday 2 days before mating at the latest; if mating should be started on Mon or Tue Fri 11 a.m. at the latest
  Muttertiere mit Wurf Wednesday oder Friday Friday, 11 am, if day of delivery is Wednesday
Wednesday, 11 am, if day of delivery is Friday
Harlan   Tuesday Thursday, 11 am, the week before
Janvier   Tuesday or Thursday Thursday, 11 Uhr, the week before
Jackson   No special day CAVE:
It´s not allowed to transfer these animals directly into the IBF, only via embryo transfer. Or they must be picked up in the original box

*animals can be ordered at any time (e.g. several weeks in advance!); but after the time limit for ordering has elapsed, there is no possibility to order for the following week!!
** animals bred by Crl in other countries are maybe delivered another day


Divergent delivery times

  "normal" day of delivery alternate date
Charles River (CRL)

Fr, Apr 19th

Wed, May 1st

Wed, May 1st

Fr, June 14th

no delivery

Tue, Apr 30th

Tue, Apr 30th

no delivery


Thur, May 2nd

Tue, May 28th

Thur, May 30th

Tue, Aug 12th

Thur, Aug 15th

Fr, May 3rd

Mon, May 27th

Wed, May 29th

Mon, Aug 11th

Wed, Aug 14th


Hints for completing the form

Please make sure that the forms are completed in the right way. If anything is wrong or missing animals cannot be ordered!

Aktenzeichen des Projektes (Project number): Only G-AB/XY, A-AB/XY,T- AB/XY oder ZH-numbers.Keep contingent of animals and duration in mind!!!
Versuchsleiter/in (project leader):
(Verantwortliche/r Leiter/In gemäß TierSchG)
Project leader (responsible person to the regional council Karlsruhe!). Nobody else!
Betreuer (scientist)/Besteller (orderer) : Betreuer: scientist
Besteller: orderer, if not the the scientist. Must be provided!
Telefon und Email für evtl. Rückfragen: Contact information. Must be provided!

Ordering mated animals/embryos:

Anzahl Verpaarungsdatum* E am P am Lieferdatum Ausgabedatum
1 2
  1. quantity of mated females
  2. Stage (E1-E21)
  3. Day when stage (see 2.) is reached
  4. Charles River: only Wednesday or Friday!
    Janvier: only Tuesday!
    Crl guarantees pregnancy > E14; if animal is not pregnant it can be complained
    Pregnant animals can only be transported until E18!
  5. Day when animals are picked up by the experimenter in the IBF

Day when animals are picked up by the experimenter in the IBF

Anzahl Verpaarungsdatum* E am P am Lieferdatum Ausgabedatum
1       2
  1. Quantity of females
  2. Age of pups (P6-P20)
    Transport of females with pups by commercial breeders at P8 at the earliest!
    If you need P1-7 you have to order pregnant females so that they can have their litter in the barrier!
  3. Day when age of pups (see 2.) is reached
  4. Charles River: only Wednesday or Friday!
    Janvier: only Tuesday and Thursday!
  5. Day when animals are picked up by the scientist in the IBF


Before beginning a new project you have to inform Ms. Serba, VMD or Ms. Becker, VMD in advance (at least 4 weeks prior), so that the necessary arrangements ca be made. This is especially true for projects in the IBF, so that our staff is informed in advance and the booking for the surgery theatre can be done.

Ordering of pigs

The ordering of pigs  must be done via the IBF. Please attach the respective form to an E-Mail ( with the following information:

  • project number (Aktenzeichen) / project leader
  • workgroup
  • species / amount / sex / weight
  • delivery date
  • duration (expected)
  • contact details in case of questions

The orders are forwarded from central animal orders to the responsible person for the area and then executed.

The orderer will only get a notification if there are questions regarding the order or it can#t be executed due to spatial constraints. Pigs are delivered on Monday and Wednesday.The deadlines for an order are:

Delivery: Order:
Monday Thursday till 15 pm
Wednesday Monday till 15 pm

Sheep are delivered according to capacities of the breeder.

Ordering of minipigs

Minipigs are ordered by the IBF at Ellegaard company, Denmark. If you have projects which require minipigs, please contact Ms. Serba, VMD or Ms. Becker in advance so that the necessary preparations can be done.

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