Task Protocols Forms Time scheme
Decommision cryopreserved line Info about decommissioning cryopreserved lines Decommission Cryo  

PN / cytoplasm / Perivittelin microinjection

(Plasmide, PAC, BAC, YAC)



PN / Zytoplasma / Perivittelin injection order

Time scheme internal

Time scheme external

Computer Assisted sperm analysis (CASA)   CASA order  




Info Dryshipper



Info Dryshipper


Embryo harvesting

Data sheet (GMO)

Embryo-Import Info about embryo imports

Embryo import declaration

Data sheet (GMO)

Revitalization order

Assessment of burden

ES-injection ES-preparation ES-injection order

Time scheme ES internal

Time scheme ES external

Hormonal treatment for breeding   hormonal treatment breeding  

IVF order

Data sheet (GMO)

IVF oder for Cryo

Time scheme IVF internal

Time scheme IVF external

Cryopreservation of embryos  

Cryopreservation of embryos order

Data sheet (GMO)

Cryopreservation of sperm  

Cryopreservation of sperm order

Data sheet (GMO)

Lentivirus-injection   Lentivirus-injection  
Revitalisation of embryos

Thawing Of Embryos (mouse)

Thawing Of Embryos (rat)

Revitalisation order

Data sheet (GMO)

Time scheme revitalisation embryos internal

Time scheme revitalisation of embryos external

Revitalisation of  sperm Thawing of Sperm Revitalisation sperm order

Time scheme revitalisation of sperm internal

Time scheme revitalisation sperm of external

Sanitization (strain/line)  

Sanitization order

Data sheet (GMO)

Time scheme sanitization internal

Time scheme sanitization external

Sperm-Import Info about sperm-import

Sperm-import declaration

Data sheet (GMO)


Assessment of burden


Info about animal-import

Info HC-parameters

Info Rederivation

Animal-import declaration

Data sheet (GMO)

Sanitization order

Assessment of burden

Evidence purpose

Transfer cryopreserved line   Transfer Cryo  
Elektrofusion Tetraploidy Elektrofusion Tetraploidy (Maus)    


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working instructions for genetic engineering according to § 12 Abs. 2 GenTSV german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Clinic-Experimental research unit  (KEB) german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Clinic Experimental Research Unit english PDF-Datei (.pdf)
access request german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Big animals holding and surgery theatre german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Ear biopsy german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Mouse holding  (GMO-Breeding) german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Staff-entry into the barrier german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Possibilities of post-surgery analgesic aftercare german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Sanitization (rodents) german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Tail biopsy german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Export of experimental animals (e.g. rodents) german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Transport von Nagern german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Transport of rodents english PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Mouse Hotel german PDF-Datei (.pdf)
Mouse Hotel english PDF-Datei (.pdf)
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