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Hygiene Monitoring
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Hygiene monitoring


The microbiology laboratory is responsible for the hygienic monitoring of the animals kept in the IBF.
Examinations are performed according to FELASAExterner Inhalt and GV-SOLASExterner Inhalt guidelines.

All examinations are performed according to standard procedures  by the company mfd Diagnostics GmbH.

The regularly updated health certificates of each department and unit can be downloaded. Please click on the tab "Health records"

On demand further examinations (e.g. opportunistic pathogens in immunodeficient animals) can be performed at a cost.


Health Records

Mice Unit Date Rats Unit Date


  KEB 02.09.22
  Mouse Hotel 02.09.22   Mouse Hotel 05.01.22
  2 02.09.22   5 currently no housing
  3 02.09.22      
  4 02.09.22      


  6 02.09.22      
  7 02.09.22      
  8 29.08.22      
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