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Department 4.3: Financial Accounting and Payment Transactions

The department is responsible for commercial accounting, year-end closing, payment transactions, internal petty cash as well as handling tax matters. It also provides consulting and training on tax topics, accounting and reporting.


Responsibility Contact
Department head, basic cash and reporting system issues, year-end closing, supervisory control of cash transactions

Dr. Nicole Sommerschuh

Coordination office head - general ledger, year-end closing, posting of personnel costs

Jürgen Jülg

Head of accounts payable and receivable

Annette Freitag

Head of payment transactions; cash and non-cash payment transactions, cash management, fixed term depositions, collections

Petra Kreutz

Asset inventory, inventory

Svetlana Gregor

Alois Werner

Document archiving and filing

Angela Fischer

Katharina Heid

Recurring entry documents (recording)

Katharina Heid

Recurring entry documents, transfer postings and internal markets, management and oversight of petty cash fund, advances, and deposits

Sina Abmaier

Accounts receivable, acceptance requests, receipts, overdue accounts, telephone bills

Gabriele Czisch

Beatrix Rinnhofer

Sandra Schwemmler

Department homepage, department forms, various accounting responsibilities

Sabine Hofmann

University inventory representative, asset inventory

Svetlana Gregor

Accounts payable, invoice entry

Katharina Heid

Christine Kohl

Accounts payable, invoice entry, document filing

Isabelle Weigel

Invoice receipt, preliminary review

Michael Huber

Posting of travel costs, various accounting responsibilities, special functions

Anna-Christina Maisch

Accounts payable, invoice entry, institute/facility and payee enquiries

Willi Kocher

Renate Röhrig

Creation of accounts receivable/payable master data, transfer postings and internal markets

Evelyn Rensch

Tax registry/disclosures, intra-trade statistics

Karin Weigold

Cash and non-cash transactions, cash management, payments on account

Ulrike Müller

Franziska Wendling


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