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Discussion Forum “Enhancing Gender Equity”


In this discussion forum we discuss the content of contemporary research reports on gender studies, recommendations and position papers from groups of experts and academic associations, or classics of gender equity research.

Discussions on gender studies and research on gender equity enhances professional handling of these issues within the university. Through exchange of information creativity and competences get activated and establish resources for organisational development on all levels.

Participa are some of the managing directors of academic institutions, personnel officers from University Administrations and integrated research project staff members of the Equal Opportunities Office and other interested parties.

During the semester the forum gathers once a month to discuss texts like “Falling off the academic bandwagon. Women are more likely to quit at the postdoc to principal investigators transition” (EOMBO reports 2009) or “women matter 2010 – women at the top of corporations: making it happen”, McKinsey Report 12/2010.

The dates for the next meetings will be announced in advance. Please register beforehand by e-mail or phone (54-7697) in order to get the current text E-Mail oder Telefon (54 76 97) bitten.






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