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Chair of Modern History | Christian Stenz

Research Associate


Department of History

Grabengasse 3-5

Room 224 (2nd floor)

D-Heidelberg 69117


Office Hours: Tuesday 13-14


Christian Stenz holds a BA in History and Political Science from the University of Zurich and an MA from the University of Heidelberg. He is currently a PhD student and research assistant at the Chair of Modern History in Heidelberg. He is working on a project about German-speaking planters and collectors in Guatemala in the second half of the 19th century. He is investigating the intersection of collecting practices and the management of a plantation and their fundamental importance for the establishment of a "racial capitalism" in modern Guatemala.

His research interests include the social and economic history and cultural history of Central and Latin America in a global context, with a particular focus on the history of knowledge, collecting, the environment and material culture(s). He teaches courses on colonialism, transimperial history and European expansion in the "long" 19th century. Visits and field trips to archives and museum collections are an important part of this teaching activity.



Kantonsschule Wohlen                                                                            2012-2015

Eidgenössische Maturität

University of Zurich                                                                                 2016-2019

B.A. in History and Political Sciences

Tutor of Historical and Scientific Research                                          

University of Heidelberg                                                                         2019-2022

M.A. in History

Tutor of Historical and Scientific Research                                           2020-2022

Student Assistant for the Chair of Modern History

Deutsches Historisches Institut (DHI) Paris                          September and October 2021


University of Heidelberg                                                                        Winter Term 22/23

PhD Candidate and Research Assistant



Summer Term 23

Proseminar: Plantation Economies in Postcolonial Central and Southern America

Exkursion: Exkursion ins Linden-Museum, Stuttgart

Winter Term 22/23

Proseminar: Kolonialismus mit und ohne Kolonien im «langen 19. Jahrhundert»¨

Exkursion: Koloniale Spurensuche im Landesarchiv Baden-Württemberg



Stenz, Christian: Abgrenzung und Assimilation. Der Historische Verein der Fünf Orte von 1843-1860 zwischen Politik und wissenschaftlichem Selbstverständnis, in: Der Geschichtsfreund 174 (2021), S. 125-143.


Talks and Conferences

From the Temple Ceiling to the Museum Wall. How the Tikal Lintels Became Ethnographic Objects, presented at the Conference “Things on the Move – Materiality of Objects in Global and Imperial Trajectories, 1700-1900”, 08.09.22-10.09.22 at the German Historical Institute in London, online:



AG Latin American History in Global Perspective der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutsche Lateinamerikaforschung (ADLAF), online:

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