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New finds/Seals not in the CMS

Unparalleled find in Pylos!


New Publications

Krzyszkowska, Olga. 2019. Changing perceptions of the past: The role of antique seals in Minoan Crete...


Other News

Presentation on 'gorgoneia' and 'gorgos' as they appear on Aegean seals and Classical gorgoneia and gorgos




The Corpus der minoischen und mykenischen Siegel (CMS) is a long-term project aiming at the systematic documentation and publication of all known Aegean seals and sealings in a consistent manner. The project was established and carried out in Marburg from 1958 to 2011 under the direction of Friedrich Matz (1958-1974), Ingo Pini (1975-2002) and Walter Müller (2003-2011) and through the generous support of the Mainz Academy of Science and Literature. In December 2011, it was moved from Marburg to its new home, the Institute of Classical Archaeology at the University of Heidelberg under the supervision of Maria Anastasiadou and Diamantis Panagiotopoulos.

The CMS currently consists of the CMS Archive, the CMS Volumes, and the CMS Databases.

The new CMS volume (Beiheft 10) is available here!


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