3D printing of peptide-functionalized biomaterials

Research - Niklas Schwegler



Hydrogels stand as pivotal material in various areas of biological research. They serve as versatile matrices for cell culture, drug delivery, and biosensing applications. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in imparting specific functionalities to hydrogels via bioactive peptides. Compared to full-size proteins, peptides offer enhanced stability, precise molecular assembly, and tailored activity. In parallel, manufacturing of functional hydrogels has been revolutionized by the rise of 3D printing technologies. Among these techniques, two-photon laser printing stands out due to its exceptional resolution and spatial control, allowing for precise production of complex hydrogel shapes and architectures. We aim to combine hydrogels with chemo- and bioactive peptides and modern 3D printing methodologies to develop next-generation materials in the realms of cell culturing and biosensing applications.

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