Bioinspired functional materials through programmable self-assembly of organic semiconductor peptide hybrids

Research - Laura Brüchle

together with Prof. Dr. Kivala and Prof. Dr. Kemerink

My research project combines (bio)organic synthetic chemistry, physical chemistry, and materials science. Self-assembling cyclic D,L-alternating peptides are exploited as scaffolds to establish tailored long-range order between organic electron donors and acceptors, enabling a new class of bioinspired materials.

Selected cyclic peptides will be covalently functionalized with fine-tuned donor and acceptor moieties to adjust the extent of charge-transfer interactions within the self-assembled peptide nanotubes. The resulting materials shall provide for applications ranging from ferro- and piezoelectric functionality to photostriction and selective ion channels.

The obtained fundamental results are expected to constitute a solid basis for translation into the hot areas of signal transduction and actuators in biologically relevant environments and soft robotics.




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