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Optimising the general conditions

Cluster 100x100

The advancement of young researchers is of particular importance to Heidelberg University. Excellence Initiative II includes an attractive career model for outstanding young researchers that considerably boosts their career chances.

Structure optimisation included putting in place a research-oriented teaching concept to tie research and teaching together in all phases of academic education, thus improving the structures within the university to foster study and teaching.

Efforts to create equal opportunities at all levels of education, research and governance at the university are broadened and strengthened through a sweeping diversity management concept.

In recent years, Ruperto Carola has modernised its academic administration and taken steps toward restructuring its services. At the core of these endeavours were the integrated service portals that bundle the administrative competencies of various service areas.

With the Research Councils, the Commission for Research and Strategy, the Steering Committee and the Academic Advisory Council, Heidelberg University has established governance structures that are both lean and efficient.


Support of independent junior group leaders

Diversity Management

Service portals

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