Diversity Management

Solid Boutros2 250x125Creating equal opportunities at all levels of education, research and governance is an important goal of Heidelberg University. During Excellence Initiative I, activities within the framework of the institutional strategy significantly fostered equal opportunity. Heidelberg University wishes to further improve equal opportunity in the second funding phase with a variety of measures.

The university also faces new challenges due to the growing number of foreign academics and scientists.  Activities promoting gender equality, therefore, need to be expanded and strengthened within the broader concept of diversity management, which will also address the new issues arising from growing cultural diversity at the university.

In the 2nd funding phase, the university will implement five measures in response to the specific requirements of gender equality and cultural diversity:

  • A Gender and Diversity Competence Centre will be established for developing, coordinating, and evaluating all diversity management instruments. The centre can assign funding to promote innovative projects that address issues of gender equality and cultural diversity. In particular, instruments for developing intercultural competencies will also be tested throughout the university.
  • The Family in Focus service will be expanded and the number of day care places increased.
  • Co-financing of positions for female postdoctoral scholars will be continued. The Olympia Morata programme will be extended to strengthen the international mobility of women junior researchers.
  • Career-planning measures for young parents who want to continue working in research or return after parental leave will be complemented by a special mentoring programme.
  • The university will create an additional programme for junior research group leaders with the aim of encouraging young couples working in research to plan dual careers.
  • The Dual Career Service supports the partners and families of newly hired professors at Heidelberg University. The information and counselling services will be continued and expanded to include junior researchers.
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