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Governance and Decision-Making

Besides the statutory organs of the university – the rectorate, senate and university council – there are addition bodies involved in developing, implementing and supervising the Institutional Strategy. With the Research Councils, the Commission for Research and Strategy, the Steering Committee and the Academic Advisory Council, Heidelberg University has established governance structures that are both lean and efficient.

The Project Office of the Excellence Initiative in the Research and Project Management Division is responsible for project management. Coordinators implement the measures and instruments. Every six months, the Project Office of the Excellence Initiative compiles a status report on the progress and financial status of the various activities. Each of the four Fields of Focus has a dedicated Research Council for evaluating important decisions, investments, and necessary modifications.


Governance Structure

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Research Councils

The Research Councils associated with the four Fields of Focus coordinate the developments in their respective area of research. They guide and support scientific discourse and serve in an advisory capacity in integrating new instruments for networking interdisciplinary research as well as advancing junior researchers and adjusting them to the various disciplinary cultures. A Research Council consists of representatives from the faculties involved in the respective Field of Focus, a dean of studies as well as representatives from non-university partner institutions.



Commission for Research and Strategy

The Commission for Research and Strategy was established in the context of Excellence Initiative II as a central body to serve the needs of the special structure of the Institutional Strategy. It ensures communication between the Research Councils and the rectorate and coordinates the activities between the Fields of Focus. Its members include two representatives from each of the four Research Councils, two members of the senate, the Vice Rector for Research and the rector.



Steering Committee

The Steering Committee was established jointly by the rectorate and the University Council as an instrument to guide the implementation of the institutional strategy. The committee is comprised of members from the University Council, the rectorate and the Senate.


Academic Advisory Council

The Academic Advisory Council (AAC) has been advising the rectorate since the application process for Excellence Initiative I. With its independent and international perspective, its contributions to the implementation of the institutional strategy, to the overall development of the university and to the application process for Excellence Initiative II have been invaluable. The AAC is comprised of eminent scholars from universities and research institutions throughout the world, as well as captains of industry and senior academics from Heidelberg University.



Representation of Young Researchers in Excellence Initiative Boards

Promoting young researchers is one of the primary goals of Heidelberg University – including within the Excellence Initiative. Therefore
representatives of young researchers are among the members of the new Excellence Initiative II advisory boards. The boards consult with the rectorate in the implementation and strategic advancement of the Excellence Initiative, especially with regards to the institutional strategy and the university as a whole. [More...] (Ger)


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