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heiTRACKS CareerPlus 2024

Virtual Impulses on Career Development for Postdoctoral Researchers

A successful and healthy career takes into account many factors and aspects. In the virtual CareerPlus event series, we offer you relevant topics that you can reflect on for your current job and use for your professional future.

Each session includes an impulse and the opportunity to discuss, ask questions and exchange with peers. All events will be held in English.

This event series is part of the heiTRACKS career support for postdoctoral reserarchers.

All postdocs, habilitation candidates, scholarship holders, junior research group leaders and junior professors with and without tenure track are cordially invited to register for the respective date.



CareerPlus 1: Job Applications in the Business World

Tuesday, April 9th, 1:00-2:30 p.m., Online

You’ve been thinking about a career in the business sector instead of academia but haven’t got a clue how to approach it? The goal is to share some ground rules for successful applications and tips for starting the application process.

Speaker: Karin Doderer, freelance consultant and trainer specializing in personnel selection and leadership development

Language: English

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CareerPlus 2: Embrace the fiasco

Tuesday, July 2nd 2024, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m., Online

Professional fiascos are inevitable occurrences. The important questions revolve around how to handle them and utilize them when going forward. The Fiasco Fest offers a platform for junior researchers to exchange experiences and learn how to joyfully move from rejection and failure towards personal and professional development.

The workshop aims to shift perspectives on setbacks, encouraging participants to embrace them and explore constructive ways to address them. It aims to create a supportive environment where career challenges in academia are openly discussed, humor is shared, and individual resilience is strengthened.

Speaker: Assoz. Prof. Mag. Dr. Sabine Bergner, associate professor at the Department of Psychology in Graz with a teaching and research focus on leadership and entrepreneurship

Language: English

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CareerPlus 3: What the heck is tenure track?

Tuesday, November 12th 2024, 1:30-3:30 p.m., Online

Tenure track is a relatively new concept in the German university system. A tenure-track position offers you the opportunity to immediately transition to a permanent position after successfully completing the probationary period (the so-called tenure-track phase). Most tenure-track positions are associated with a professorship; less common and less well-known are lecturer or researcher positions with tenure-track.

The workshop will focus on tenure-track professorships in Germany and address the following questions:

  • What are the specifics and legal conditions of tenure-track positions?
  • How do selection committees work and how are evaluations organized?
  • What are duties and tasks of a tenure-track professor?

Where do I get help and orientation beyond my home institution?

Speaker: Dr. Rebecca Thier-Lange, expert in appointment and evaluation procedures for professors and junior research groups, strategic personnel development, science management and promoting scientific careers

Language: English

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