Michael Schleicher


Room:  SAI 418
Tel:  +49 (0)6221 54-8923
E-Mail:  Schleicher@uni-heidelberg.de
Office hours:  by appointment

Curriculum Vitae


Short Bio

Michael Schleicher joined the chair in November 2012 as a doctoral student after having earned a Master-degree in International Economics with a focus on development economics at Göttingen University. He obtained his bachelor-degree in economics at Konstanz University and worked on microfinance issues during several internships in Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa. Previously he worked as a research assistant at GIGA Institute in Hamburg where he wrote his master thesis on the distributional effects of fuel taxation in Indonesia. His research interests are in the design and evaluation of social safety nets in low-income countries with a focus on health policies. Current areas of research include the assessment of targeting accuracy and elite capture within decentralized welfare programs as well as issues related to micro-health insurance demand.


Current Research

  • Comparative targeting accuracy assessments: Statistical versus community-based methods
  • Discrimination and favoritism in local political decision making
  • Communities’ revealed poverty preferences
  • Health insurance demand in low-income countries: Price elasticity, intra-household allocation, spillover effects, and adverse selection



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