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New Publications

Stefan Klonner's paper Equality of the Sexes and Gender Differences in Competitiveness: Experimental Evidence from a Traditional Society with Gender-Balanced Norms (joint with Sumantra Pal and Christiane Schwieren), a revised version of AWI working paper No. 675, has been accepted for publication in Feminist Economics in April 2024.

Stefan Klonner's study The Dynamics of Poverty Targeting (joint with Michael Hillebrecht and Noarogo A. Paceré) has been published in the Journal of Development Economics, vol. 161. More details here.

Stefan Klonner and Kristina Czura's study of the Indian Ocean tsunami and credit networks in south India has been published in the Journal of Development Economics, vol. 160. More details here.

Stefan Klonner and Christian Oldiges' study of India's rural workfare program NREGA has been published in the Journal of Development Economics, vol. 157. More details here.

Stefan Klonner's paper (joint with Sumantra Pal and Christiane Schwieren) on gender norms and women's competitiveness is featured on the internet forum Ideas for India.

News & Visitors

Public lecture by Stefan Klonner "Armut in Indien", Netzwerk Plurale Ökonomik, Heidelberg, 08.11.2023.

Stefan Klonner speaks about India's population growth on n-tv's Wieder was gelernt podcast Indiens Rekord-Einwohnerzahl ist "nationales und globales Problem", ntv-Panorama 23.05.2023 Podcast (in German).

Stefan Klonner speaks about poverty in India on the radio program Armutsforschung - Wer als arm gilt und warum, IQ - Wissenschaft und Forschung, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Bayern 2, 14.03.2023 Podcast (in German).

Public panel discussion with Stefan Klonner on brain drain and migration in developing countries, 16.02.2023, Haus am Dom, Frankfurt am Main.

Stefan Klonner talks about Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) No. 1 on HeiSchool (in German).

December 2022:
The Department welcomes Dr. Yanfang Li from Sichuan University (China), who is visiting the SAI from December 2022 till November 2023 sponsered by the China Scholarship Council. Her reserach is on the patterns of foreign direct investment by European countries and China in the South Asia region.

November 2022:
The Department welcomes Jamshed Haidery, M.A., a former faculty member in the Department of Economics, University of Kabul, Afghanistan. His visit is sponsored by the Institute of International Education's Scholar Rescue Fund.


Development Economics



Field Work Impression from Rajasthan, India, 2021
Photo: Cristina Cibin

International Workshop Finance & Development

co-organized by SAI's Department of Development Economics, will be held in Heidelberg's Internationales Wissenschaftsforum (IWH) on May 16-17, 2024. The program is here. If you would like to attend, please send an email to!

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