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Paula von Haaren studied Economics at the University of Heidelberg and Development Economics at Göttingen University. During her studies, she worked as a student assistant for both universities and the Courant research center for Poverty, Inequality and Growth. Moreover, she completed internships at the UN Research Center for Justice and Crime and the KfW Development bank. Ms. von Haaren gained first experiences in South Asia while conducting primary data collection for her master thesis in Bihar, India. Her primary research interests lie in women empowerment, social capital, poverty, inequality, cash transfers and policy evaluation.

Ms. von Haaren works as research assistant and pursues her PhD at the department of Development Economics at the South Asia Institute.



von Haaren, Paula & Klonner, Stefan (2021). Lessons learned? Intended and unintended effects of India´s second-generation maternal cash transfer scheme. Health Economics download.

Previous version (working paper): von Haaren, Paula & Klonner, Stefan (2020). Maternal cash for better child health? The impacts of India's IGMSY/PMMVY maternity benefit scheme, Alfred-Weber Institute Discussion Papers, Heidelberg University, No. 689 - download
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Welfare programs and poverty reduction in developing countries. Seminar with Prof. Klonner. SS 2020

Health and nutrition in low- and middle income countries. Seminar with Dr. Marion Krämer. SS 2019

Health financing in low income countries. Seminar with Prof. Klonner. SS 2018 (BA), WS 2017 (MA)

Microfinance tutorial WS 2020/21, WS 2021/22

Introduction to microeconomics. BA tutorial. SS 2017-2022

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