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Visiting Scientist from Ukraine to Research at Heidelberg University

13 March 2018

Illia Pasichnichenko receives research fellowship from Alexander von Humboldt Foundation

Dr. Illia Pasichnichenko
Dr. Illia Pasichnichenko

The Ukrainian economist Dr Illia Pasichnichenko will be a guest at Ruperto Carola courtesy of a fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation. Starting in July 2018, the scientist from the National Technical University in Kiev (Ukraine) will be working with Prof. Dr Jürgen Eichberger at the Alfred Weber Institute of Economics. The Humboldt Research Fellowship for postdocs will fund his 18-month research stay.

At Heidelberg University, Dr Pasichnichenko will work on problems of decision-making. His research work is, in particular, an effort to develop decision-making criteria for situations in with the actors have different information at their disposal. Illia Pasichnichenko studied Mathematics at the National Technical University in Kiev, earning his doctorate in 2016. In addition to his research in decision theory, the economist also investigates methods of machine learning.

The Humboldt Foundation awards postdoctoral research fellowships to outstanding foreign scientists in the early stage of their career. The fellowship allows researchers to conduct collaborative research in Germany in their chosen field for up to 24 months.

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