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Felix Schulte received his BA from Cath. University Eichstätt and Linköpings University (Sweden), where he studied Political Science, Sociology and History (2008-2011), and his MA in Political Science from Heidelberg University in 2014. His research interests include ethnic conflicts, minority issues and post-conflict institutional engineering. Felix was a guest researcher at the Åland Islands Peace Institute (Finland) and the Institute for Minority Rights at EURAC Bolzano (Italy). Since 2016, he is lecturer of Comparative Politics at the IPW.

PhD project

Territorial autonomies are increasingly implemented as tools for regulating ethnic conflicts. Since there are successful as well as failed cases, the ongoing debate about a general conflict-solving potential is not a very fruitful one. The study turns towards the analysis of various conditions affecting the success and failure of conflict regulating autonomies. On basis of Social Identity Theory, it is argued that the transfer of self-determination rights leads to a peaceful co-existence between ethnic groups, if various factors, such as a high scope of autonomy, the absence of horizontal inequalities or inclusive political institutions provide for recognition and a positive group identity. Two empirical models of success and failure are tested on a global data set of all conflict regulating autonomies using Qualitative Comparative Analysis. Process-tracing on the cases South Tyrol and Chittagong Hill Tracts provides additional evidence for the theoretical argument.

Publications and invited talks

  • Schulte, Felix (2018): The more, the better? Assessing the scope of regional autonomy as a key condition of ethnic conflict regulation, In: International Journal on Minority and Group Rights, Vol. 25, Nr. 1.
  • Schulte, Felix (2017): Ålands Autonomie. Implikationen für eine friedliche Bearbeitung ethnischer Konflikte, In: W+F Wissenschaft und Frieden, Vol. 36, Nr. 4.
  • Schulte, Felix (2017): Two Birds, One Stone – War-to-Democracy Processes after Ethnic     Conflicts, In: Sicherheit und Frieden, Vol. 35, Nr. 1, S. 13-22.
  • Schulte, Felix (2016): Ethnic conflict regulation through regional autonomy, Presentation (03. September 2016) at Institute for Minority Rights, EURAC Bolzano, Italy.
  • Schulte, Felix (2015): Frieden durch Föderalismus, In: Aus Politik und Zeitgeschichte, Vol. 65, Nr. 28-30, S. 36-40.
  • Schulte, Felix (2015): Conflict Regulation through Self-Rule – Success Factors of Territorial Autonomy Systems, In: Report from the Åland Islands Peace Institute, Nr. 1, April 2015.
  • Schulte, Felix (2015): Konfliktregulierung durch Autonomie – das Beispiel Åland.     Presentation at 60. anniversary of Bonn-Copenhagen Declaration (17. March 2015), Sønderborg, Denmark.
  • Schulte, Felix (2014): Geteiltes Leid, halbes Leid, halber Konflikt: Eine Untersuchung des Einflusses von Naturkatastrophen auf zwischenstaatliche Konflikte, In: IReflect – Student Journal of International Relations, Vol. Nr. 1, S. 39-66.
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