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The barrier areas 5-8 are exclusively for halding and breeding of transgenic mice and rats and have therefore been assigned a S1-classification.

To ensure a constantly high hygienic standard, following measures are necessary.

  • Access to the barrier is restricted. Entry is only possible after a gating process.
  • All material which is brought into the barrier has to be autoclaved or disinfected.
  • New mouse lines (especially from other institutions) must submit to a sanitation process before they can bebreed in the barrier.
Housing Mouse Rat

Type of facility

SPF barrier SPF barrier
cage type II, conventional IV, conventional


number of cage companions see recommendations GV-SOLAS see recommendations GV-SOLAS
Humidity 50-60% 50-60%
Light-dark cycle 12-12 12-12
Temperature 22°C +/- 2°C 22°C +/-2°C
type of food LasVendi Rod 16 or Rod 18 LasVendi Rod 16 or Rod 18
access to food ad libitum ad libitum
environmental enrichment yes, tissue, nestlets yes, polycarbonate huts


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