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Breeding administration
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Tierbase is a database for the administration and collection of breeding and holding of reaearch animal as well as documentation of animal experiments. It was developed on the base of 4D-Software for a networked Server/Client-environment. Four co-dependent areas of the program ensure the efficient and tranparent administration of a great number of genetically modified lines.

  • Scientists are able to view the status of their breeding schemes and animal population, create different tasks (animal orders, mating requests, tissue orders etc.) at any time. Project leaders are notified automatically about the status of their projects.
  • Animal technicians process created tasks and enter the breeding data and are able to communicate with the respective scientist via e-Mail
  • Breeding administrators coordinate, advise and supervise the cooperation of all areas, ensure the commission and decommission of GM-lines, prepare new users and allocate access rights
  • Animal welfare officers monitor project-related data and record the animal numbers according to the notification decree for animals in experimental use

To gain access to the database as a user, please contact the IBF breeding administration.

Make an appointment for briefing and password allocation.


Tierbase Client for Windows

Tierbase Client for macOS

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