Biological Safety Officers
Dr. Ingo Janausch
Im Neuenheimer Feld 325
69120 Heidelberg
Tel. +49 6221 54-12380
Fax +49 6221 54-12933

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Biological Safety Staff Unit

The Biological Safety Staff Unit advises researchers and scientists on the handling of natural biological agents and genetically modified organisms (GMOs), especially with regard to risk assessment and transport of organisms. It also facilitates submission of applications for working in genetic engineering facilities and in accordance with the Protection Against Infection Act. The unit contributes to renovation and new construction planning, and is active on external boards that address concerns of laboratory safety in the handling of biological agents and GMOs.


Task / Responsibilities Contact
Implementation of Genetic Engineering Act in university institutes, medical facilities and clinics in Heidelberg and Mannheim (BBS)
Handling of natural biological agents at university institutes, medical facilities and clinics (Biological Substances Officer)
Dr. Ingo Janausch, Dipl. Biol.
Biological occupational safety, genetic engineering Dr. Susanne Ficht-Redmer, Dipl. Chem.


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