Zeichnung des Ökumenischen Instituts


Welcome to the homepage of the Ecumenical Institute at the University of Heidelberg’s Faculty of Theology.


The Ecumenical institute is dedicated to the research and theory of fundamental questions of Ecumenical theology and its tradition. Upon arrival, guests of the institute will find a portrait collection of the historical and renowned pioneers of Ecumenism, on display since December 2012, among which include the founder of the institute, Edmund Schlink, as well as Cardinal Bea and Patriarch Athenagoras.


The institute is additionally associated with the adjacent Ecumenical Student Residence Hall, in which 25 students from different backgrounds, denominations and fields of study live together. By way of this relation of the two he relation between Ecumenical-theological research and Ecumenical community life is to be one that is practiced. In addition to other benefits of community life, the house offers a small internal library with various works in the thematic areas of dogmatics and global ecumenism.

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