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The Ecumenical Student Residence Hall is situated in the beautiful location beneath the Heidelberg Castle in the immediate vicinity of the historical section of the old-city. The new building, built in the 1950s, was renovated and completely refurnished in 1991. The residence offers 23 places in single-rooms and 2 places in double-rooms, accommodating up to 25 students. Moreover, a kitchen, dining room and kitchenette, as well as a television-room and an oratory/community-room, are all provided for students use. Behind the residence, you will find a lovely green garden at the base of the hill ascending to the castle, which is accessible to its members. The small internal library collection of various works in the thematic areas of dogmatics and global Ecumenism is also at the residents’ disposal. Although a student community, this residence is understood by its members to be an open house in which guests are welcome.



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The Ecumenical Student Residence Hall as Part of the Ecumenical movement. The Ecumenicum consists of the Ecumenical Institute and the Ecumenical Student Residence, has emerged from and is an involved part of the Ecumenical Movement, and is institution of the University of Heidelberg. In the Ecumenical Residence, German and foreign students from different disciplines, confessions, cultures and religions live together as a lively and diverse community. In the selection of new residents, value is placed upon keeping a balanced relation of men and women (½ to ½), of German- and Non-German Speakers (½ to ½), lecturers (also occasionally guest-lecturers) and students (1/3 to 2/3), and theologians and students of other faculties (1/3 to 2/3). The community in the Ecumenical Student Hall of Residence is based on Christian values. Especially studens who have grown up in a different culturals and religious context encouraged to integrate their way of life and faith into the community and thereby enrich it.

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