Summer term 2020:

All of Professor Berg's classes will take place as online courses via the elearning platform Moodle ( The password to sign in for these classes is "schurman".


Prof. Berg's office hours

Students are invited to direct questions to Professor Berg via email (

Exames and deadlines:

There will be an extended deadline for term papers (HS/OS: America Divided; Ü: Wilsonianism) is the 31st May 2020.

Exams are cancelled up to the 19th April.

Concerning the deadlines for bachelor- and master theses as well as Zulassungsarbeiten please refer to the information given by the respective examination office.




New Publications by and on Prof. Dr. Berg

  • Interview with Manuel Franz for NDR2 Kurier um 12 about President Trump's State of the Union Address (05.02.2020) Listen to
  • "Die Würger vom Halse kriegen. Gustav Stresemann betreibt Großmachtpolitik mit freundlichem Antlitz“, in: ZEIT Geschichte (2020). Der Rausch der 20er Jahre. Glanz und Tragik der Weimarer Republik 1/20, 90-95.
  • "Weg mit dem Teufelszeug! Vor hundert Jahren führten die USA die Prohibition ein. Das »noble Experiment« endete 1933 mit einem großen Katzenjammer," Die ZEIT (2020), Jan 3, 2020, S. 17. Read
  • Review:  Michael Wolff, Feuer und Zorn. Im Weißen Haus von Donald Trump. Hamburg, Rowohlt 2018, in: Jahrbuch Extremismus und Demokratie Jg. 31 (2019), 374-77.
  • "Schwarz, stolz und bewaffnet. Vor 50 Jahren erschoss das FBI Fred Hampton, einen Anführer der Black Panther. Deren militanter Befreiungskampf scheiterte – viele Afroamerikaner aber verehren sie bis heute,“  Die ZEIT (2019), 28. 11. 2019, S. 21. Read
  • Review: Elizabeth Gillespie McRae, Mothers of Massive Resistance. White Women and the Politics of White Supremacy. Oxford, Oxford University Press 2018, Historische Zeitschrift 309/2 (2019), 564-565. Read
  • Review: Melissa Milewski, Litigating Across the Color Line. Civil Cases Between Black and White Southerners from the End of Slavery to Civil Rights. Oxford, Oxford University Press 2017, Historische Zeitschrift 309/2 (2019), 434-436. Read
  • Talk at the summer academy of the Hans Böckler Stiftung "Wie gefährdet ist die Demokratie?" (27.08.2019). Watch, Read
  • Interview for SRF "Haben die USA die Folgen der Sklaverei wirklich überwunden?" (30.08.2019). Listen to
  • Article: "Besonders teuer sind junge Afrikanerinnen" in: DIE ZEIT (22.08.2019). Read
  • Interview for HR2 Der Tag "Würde - Wenn der Mensch zur Ware wird" (20.08.2019). Listen to
  • Review: Turda, Marius, and Maria Sophia Quine, Historicizing Race. London: Bloomsbury Academic, 2018, in: History: Reviews of New Books, Vol 47:1 (2019), 22-23. Read
  • Interview for WDR ZeitZeichen on Eli Whitney's invention of the cotton gin, 1793 (28.10.2018). Listen to
  • Article "Wut, Recht und Ordnung. Amerikas Rechtsruck begann 1968 - als Richard Nixon Präsident wurde", in: DIE ZEIT (25.10.2018). Read
  • Interview for WDR ZeitZeichen on occasion of the 80th anniversary of Edward Mandell House's death (28.03.2018). Listen to
  • Interview for SWR aktuell: "Aufstand der Schüler - Kommt in den USA die Waffen-Wende? (23.02.2018). Listen to

For older announcements see our archive.


Schurman Library




Jacob Gould Schurman (1854-1942), professor in philosophy, was president of Cornell University for 28 years before he was appointed as U.S. ambassador to China in 1920. Five years later he took the vacant position of U.S. ambassador to Germany in Berlin. Schurman, due to his studies in Heidelberg, Göttingen and Berlin in the late 1870s, spoke German fluently. As ambassador, Schurman emphasized improvement and consolidation of German-American relations. It was because of these efforts that he became close friends with German Foreign Secretary Gustav Stresemann (1878-1929).







Schurman was appointed honorary citizen of Heidelberg as well as honorary doctor of the University of Heidelberg. In 1927, he initiated a collection of donations in America, which contributed significantly to the building of new lecture halls and seminar rooms in the heart of the Old Town, today known as Neue Universität.

The Schurman Library for American History is located in the University of Heidelberg’s Department of History. Currently (Jan 2019) it has a total stock of 10,239 books. All books can be found via the online cataloge of the University Library.


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