Prof. Dr. Peter A. Miglus - Vita

education and employment


2009-2011       field research in the Plain of Shahrizur (Iraq)

2004                 associate professor at the Institute for Pre- and Protohistory and Near Eastern Archaeology, University Heidelberg.

2000–2003      research associate at the Institute for Pre- and Early History, University of Heidelberg.

1996–1999      research associate at the Institute of the Oriental Archaeology, University of Halle.

1994–1999      co-operation in the project Tall Bi`a/ Tuttul (Syria), supported by German Research Council.

1995                 habilitation (University of Munich).

1991–1994      grant of the German Research Council – research on the residential architecture in ancient Mesopotamia, University of Munich.

1986–1990      research fellow, University of Munich – publication project “City area of Assur”, supported by German Research Council.

1985                 excavation project “Islamic pottery from Raqqa (Syria)”.

1982–84          archaeologist at the Museum of Goettingen (Germany).

1981                 Ph.D., University of Warsaw.

1978-1981       research fellow, University of Warsaw.

1978 / 1979    M.A. in Archaeology, M.A. in Assyriology.

1973–1981      studies – Archaeology of Ancient Near East and Assyriology, University of Warsaw (Poland).


field work

2011–2011      director of the excavation at Bakr Āwa (Iraq).

2009                 survey in the Plain of Shahrizur (Iraq).

2000–2001      director of the excavations at Assur, EB – Neo Assyrian Periods (Irak).

1997–1998      director of the excavations at Tall Harmal, Old Babylonian Period, Shaduppum (Iraq).

1994–1997      participation in the excavation at Tall Bica, EB – LB Periods Tuttul (Syria).

1986–1987      participation in the excavation at ar-Raqqa, Early Islamic Period (Syria).

1982–1984      director of the excavations at the mediaeval town of Goettingen (Germany).


research projects in the last years 

  • excavation project 2010-2011: Bakr Āwa (supported by Fritz Thyssen Stiftung)
  • survey project 2009: Settlement in the Plain of Shahrizur (supportet by DAAD)
  • research project 2006-2009: History of the Settlement in the Lower Zab Region (Makhoul Project), in cooperation with the State Board of Antiquities and Heritage in Iraq (supported by Gerda Henkel Foundation).
  • research project 2006-2010: Results of the Iraqi and German excavations at Tall Harmal (Iraq), in cooperation with the University of Baghdad (supported by German Research Council).
  • publishing project 2007: New excavation in Assur (supported by Fritz Thyssen Foundation).
  • partnership project 2006-2008: with the Institute of Archaeology, Academy of Sciences in Usbekistan and Institute of Archaeology, University in Warsaw (Alexander von Humboldt Stiftung).
  • participation at the Tall Bi`a / Tuttul excavation project 1994-2000 (German Research Council /  Deutsche Orient-Gesellschaft, Berlin).

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