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Sree Ganesh Thotempudi
Zimmer 101

Ägyptologisches Institut
Voßstr. 2, Gebäude 4410
69115 Heidelberg



Previous Projects:

DAASI International Tüebingen, Germany
Solutions Engineer (R&D) August 2015 – December 2015
Project: ‘AARC Project.’
Description: AARC is an European Commission funded project that brings together 20 different partners from among National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) organisations, e-Infrastructures service providers and libraries.
Technology: Database management, Python, SQL, Shibboleth, IdPs & Sps management.

Göttingen Center for Digital Humanities Göttingen, Germany
Research Developer August 2012 – June 2015
Project 1: ‘TP1 - Semantic Blumenbach (Digital Library and Virtual Museum)’
Description: Implementation of Semantic Web technology towards 17th century Blumenbach classical documents. Named entity recognition, Development of object and entity relationship with metadata information, Linked data and Data visualization from historical documents.
Technology: Java, Python, RDF, TEI, XML, JDBC and SQL
Project 2: ‘TP3 – Infrastructure ’
Description: Data base management and administration from GWDG center, Göttingen. Integration and adaptation of existing infrastructure components. Mapping, Organization, management of infrastructure components. Technology: Oracle, SQL, PLSQL, Python

Center for Applied Linguistics & Translation Studies Hyderabad, India
Computational Linguist July 2006 – July 2012
Major Project: ‘Anusaraka Machine Translation between English to Telugu’
Sub project 1.1: English to Telugu parallel Corpora
Technology: Perl, Regular expressions
. Sub project 1.2: Integrated tools development for Anusaraka machine translation. Development of Parts of Speech (POS) tagging, Word Sense Disambiguation tools, Electronic Dictionaries (Machine Readable Dictionaries) of English-Telugu (45K), Telugu- Hindi (64.5K)
Technology: Perl

Red Hat Inc. Pune, India
Language Maintainer August 2007 – July 2008
Major Projects: ‘Localization of Red Hat and Fedora operating systems and Spell-checking tools development (Indian languages) ’
Technology: Perl, PHP, Regular expressions

Research Collobaration:

NTNU Trondheim, Norway
Erasmus Mundus fellow August 2009
Project: ‘TypeCraft’
Description: TypeCraft is a linguistic infrastructure project at the NTNU. Its aim is to support researchers in the Humanities by providing an easy-to-control online access to language data. The TypeCraft tool itself is an open-ended interlinear glossed text repository and linguistic data management system. Its online work space allows for the comfortable handling of small-tomedium- size corpora created from fieldwork, or imported from other online resources.
Technology: Database management, Java, SQL and XML

Bitext Madrid, Spain
June 2015
Project: ‘Paradigm based Morphological analyses’
Description: Development of Paradigms bases morphological analyzers (Telugu, Hindi).
Technology: Python

Indian Institute of Information Technology Sri City, India
Research supervision Oct 2016
I have been working as a Co-Supervisor for 3 Bachelor´s Students projects on “Code-Mixing” and “GIS based neighborhood tour guide”



University of Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Diploma in Computational Linguistics April 2010

Acharaya Nagarjuna University, Guntur, India

Masters (Information Technology) December 2016

Annamalai University, Chidambaram, India

Masters (Linguistics) April 2004

University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad, India

MPhil Computational Linguistics (Thesis: Parts of Speech Tagging) June 2005


Erasmus mundus lot-13 fellow – 2009.

Erasmus mundus research fellow Language and Communication technologies from European Union -2007.

DAAD (German academic Exchange service) fellow– Delhi - 2007.

JRF – fellow from University Grants Commission – 2003.

Gold medal in P.D.C in S.G.K.O.D.College Tadikonda.

Secured 3rd rank in B.A (O.L.) from Nagarjuna University.

1st rank in Mastres, University of Hyderabad. Gold Medal.



Jörg Wettlaufer, Christopher Johnson, Martin Scholz, Mark Fichtner, Sree Ganesh Thotempud.

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Preparing lessons for Telugu PG diploma students at PS Telugu University.

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Jörg Wettlaufer, Sree Ganesh Thotempudi. (2012). NER system for Historical Text documents, GCDH- Text Analysis working group, Germany.

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Sree Ganesh T. (2010). TypeCraft: Collaborative annotation online SALA international

conference, Mysore, India.

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conference, Odense.

Completed Corpus linguistics - the short-cut to linguistic evidence. (2009). course from

University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen.

Sree Ganesh Thotempudi. (2010). Linguistics knowledge for corpus annotation CLS summer school, Crotia.

Sree Ganesh Thotempudi. (2006). Problems in English to Telugu Machine Translation in ISDL, Trivandrum.

Sree Ganesh Thotempudi. (2005). Word Sense Disambiguation for MT, Annamalay University.

Sree Ganesh Thotempudi. (2004). Telugu Parts of speech tagging, ICOSAL,Osmaniya University.

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RJ Ramasree, Sree Ganesh Thottempudi, 2011. Parts of Speech tagging (A Hybrid approach with rule based and machine learning techniques), LAP publications, Germany.

Sree Ganesh Thottempudi, 2017 Telugu-English frequency dictionary for language learning, Universal publications (coming soon).

Preparing Digital Encyclopedias on Telugu Language and Linguistics.

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