Formerly in the Comba Group, now in the Greb Group

UV-vis-NIR: Jasco V 570
UV-vis: J&M Tidas II
Low temerature UV-vis: Agilent 8453 with Unisoku USP-203-A Cryostat
IR: Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100
Raman: Jobin YVON, Horiba, Olympus 3x40, Exitation ware length 633 / 473 nm
NMR: Bruker Avance I 200
Electrochemistry: CH Instruments 660 D
GC/MS: Thermo Fischer Scientific Ultra Trace GC / ISQ Single Quadropole MS
GC: Shimadzu GC 2010 Pro
HPLC: Knauer, analytical and semipräparative, UV-vis detector
Stopped-flow: Applied Photophysics SX 18MV-R
Cryo stopped-flow Biologic SFM-4000 incl. freeze-quench unit
Glovebox: MBraun Labmaster 130 (1250/780)
Molecular Modeling:  molecular mechanics, AOM, DFT, MD
access to compute clusters of the IWR bwgrid / bwfor
Computer Server Intel E7-4850-V4 and AMD Epyc Rome, 256 CPUs, 2.3 TB RAM, 16 TB hard disc
Software: Hyperchem, MOMEC, CAMMAG, Gaussian09, ADF, Turbomole, MOLCAS, ORCA
Polarimeter: Digital Polarimeter, DIP-370, Jasco
Titration: Metrom 905 Titrando, SUPERQUAD/BEST, HyperQuad
Flash Chromatography Interchim Puriflash XS-420+
























At the Inorganic Chemistry Department  

NMR (Service): Bruker DRX200, Bruker Avance II 400, Bruker Avance III 600



Bruker Elexsys E500 EPR Spectrometer
Magnet: B-E25 Electromagnet
Software: Xepr 2.6b.76; XSophe 1.1.4; MoSophe 2.4.0-0.3
ER 041 XK CW Microwave Bridge
ER 4112HV-CF58nc In-Cavaty Cryogen Free VT System
W1100784 LN2 Transferline
ER 4116DM CW dual mode resonator with irradiation grid
ER 4122SHQE CW high sensitivity resonator
Q-Band: ER 051Q-C Super Q CW-EPR Bridge
ER 4118HV-CF58 FlexLine Cryogen Free VT System
ER 5106QT CW standard resonator
SQUID: Quantum Design MPMS-XL-5
MS: excellent service, ESI, FAB, Maldi-Tof
X-ray crystallography: excellent service
Elemental analyses: excellent service


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