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Morphogenesis through Flowing Tissue

Heidelberg researchers have gained new insight into the development of coloboma of the eye, prompting them to revise the classical view of the development of this sensory organ in vertebrates. [More...]

Aspects of Ageing in South Asia and Europe

A conference being held from February 24 to 26 in New Delhi, India, will address how people in South Asia and Europe approach ageing and the impact of an ever growing elderly population on society. [More...]

How a Wound Closes

For wounds to close, cells need to move in one direction. Until now the central molecular mechanism that allows cells to coordinate these movements over larger distances has been unclear. [More...]

Astronomers Discover Rare Planet

Heidelberg astronomers have discovered a rare planet. The celestial body, called Kepler-432b, is one of the most dense and massive planets known so far and has an unusually small and elongated orbit. [More...]

Papyri from the Early Days of Islam

In a new research project, papyrus documents from the Islamic world of the 7th and 8th centuries will be deci­phered, translated and annotated. The papyri provide glimpses into the daily life of Arab Egypt. [More...]

Benefits of Early Naturalisation

A Heidelberg University study shows that liberalising access to citizenship positively affects employment opportunities for immigrants. It also indicates that the host country benefits as well. [More...]

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