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Asteroid Research Benefits From Gaia

Astronomical research on asteroids, i.e. minor planets, is also benefiting from the large-scale Gaia mission of the ESA. The astrometry satellite has tracked down a multitude of minor planets in our solar system. [More...]

Emergency Route Planner for Nepal

To support the rescue efforts in Nepal after the devastating earthquake, geoinformatic scientists from Heidelberg University have set up an emergency route planner on the Internet. [More...]

South Asia Institute Requests Donations for Nepal

After the repeated serious earthquake in Nepal the South Asia Institute (SAI) of Heidelberg University is still urgently appealing for donations for emergency relief. [More...]

The Regulating Hand in Ribosome Formation

Researchers of the Heidelberg University Biochemistry Center (BZH) discovered a previously unknown protein that regulates the hierarchical organisation of ribosome development. [More...]

Development of Novel Particle Detectors

A new research training group on research and development of novel detector technologies is funded by the German Research Foundation with about 3.7 million euros over a period of four and a half years. [More...]

Quantum Physics – Hot and Cold at the Same Time

A cloud of quantum particles can have several temperatures at once, as demonstrated in experiments conducted in a joint project by researchers from Heidelberg and Vienna. [More...]

English Press Releases

Universität Heidelberg Panoramas

Friday 22nd May 2015

01:00 PM

Toter Buchstabe – Lebendige Schrift: Die Schriftzierseiten im Guntbald-Evangeliar

Dr. Tobias Frese, Institut für Europäische Kunstgeschichte

02:00 PM

Der demotische Papyrus Carlsberg 417

Claudia Maderna-Sieben, Universität Heidelberg, Ägyptologisches Institut

03:15 PM

Kreativität in der Wissenschaft

Dr. med. Maani Hakimi, Privatdozent für das Fach Chirurgie

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