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Heidelberg Researchers Investigate Ebola Virus

In the course of basic research in membrane biochemistry scientists at the Biochemistry Center of Heidelberg University (BZH) have gained new insight into the cytotoxic effect of the Ebola virus. [Mehr...]

Top spot in Library Index - for the sixth consecutive year

Heidelberg University has again ranked first in the BIX Library Index. In the offerings, usage, efficiency and development categories, Heidelberg is the only major academic university to place among the leaders. [More...]

The Coldest War At The “Roof Of The World”

The highest and coldest battleground in the world lies in Northern Kashmir. Geographers from Heidelberg University have uncovered heretofore neglected aspects of the lengthy war. [More...]

HCI Has New Industry Partner

The Heidelberg Collaboratory for Image Processing is gaining a strong, new partner in industry with Bayer AG by entering into a cooperative agreement with Bayer Technology Services. [More...]

Millions in Funding for Particle Physics

Particle physicists from Heidelberg have been awarded funding for their research at the Large Hadron Collider. The Federal Ministry of Education and Research will provide more than nine million euros. [More...]

New Source of Greenhouse Gases

Seemingly nondescript organisms are having a surprisingly major impact on the environment: lichens, mosses, and cyanobacteria are releasing large amounts of nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. [More...]

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