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Ruperto Carola Again Best German University

The Shanghai Ranking for 2017, i.e. the Academic Ranking of World Universities, revealed that Heidelberg University is again the best university in Germany, for the fourth successive time. [More...]

International Summer School with about 600 participants

Nearly 600 young people from 57 countries are currently attending the International Summer School of German Language and Culture being held until 30 August 2017 at Heidelberg University. [More...]

Funding for Medical Informatics

The university hospitals in Heidelberg and Mannheim, in association with both medical faculties of Heidelberg University, are among the partners in the consortia HiGHmed and MIRACUM. [More...]

WOMAN & MAN: What Unites Us – What Divides Us

In the 10th edition of the research magazine “Ruperto Carola”: 25 academics from Heidelberg University take up the complex differences and points in common between the sexes. [More...]

Light-emitting Quasi-particles

Material scientists and physicists from Heidelberg and St Andrews show that light-matter quasi-partic­les can be generated electrically in semiconducting carbon nanotubes. [More...]

Digital Change as a Challenge for Small Enterprises

Heidelberg industrial and organisational psychologists conduct interviews with CEOs. They are part of a nation-wide project “Measures and Recommendations for Healthy Work Practices of Tomorrow”. [More...]

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Sunday 20th August 2017

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