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Highly Endowed Funding

Being awarded five grant applications, Heidelberg University has achieved an outstanding score with this year’s ERC Consolidator Grant: it is the most successful university in Germany. [More...]

At the Interface of Research and Care

The Center for Psychological Psychotherapy offers new treatment concepts for children with the neuropsychological development disorder ADHD – attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. [More...]

How Social Factors Can Influence Hunting

Wild animal populations are often controlled through hunting. Whether a hunter shoots at an animal depends not only on specific hunting criteria, but is also significantly influenced by social factors. [More...]

Endowed Professor for Legal Studies

Internationally renowned Law Professor Dr Anja Seibert-Fohr has been appointed to the Hengstberger Foundation Professorship for con­tem­porary studies of the rule of law at Heidelberg University. [More...]

A Route Planner for Every Eventuality

Geoinformatics at Heidelberg represents an interface between technology and its application. In the field of intelligent navigation, the researchers develop globally available services. [More...]

Matthias Hentze Has Received HMLS Investigator Award

In recognition for his efforts in establishing the Molecular Medicine Partnership Unit, a cross-institutional cooperation, Prof. Dr Matthias Hentze has received this year's HMLS Investigator Award. [More...]

English Press Releases

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Monday 16th January 2017

04:00 PM

Holzversorgung und Holznot angesichts von Flussüberschwemmungen in Mitteleuropa (14.–16. Jahrhundert)

Prof. Dr. Christian Rohr, Universität Bern, Historisches Institut und Oeschger Centre for Climate Change Research

04:00 PM

Party Switching in India: Understanding the Downside of Indian Democracy

Prof. K. C. Suri, University of Hyderabad, Department of Political Science, Indien

04:15 PM

Das Geld der Medici – Der Weg vom Stoffhandel zur Krone

Antonio Passaro, Pädagoge, Heidelberg

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