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Tracking Down the Secrets of Interstellar Dust

An international research consortium, including Heidelberg scientists, is studying interstellar dust in search of ylem, or the original matter that formed the basic elements of life as we know it. [More...]

Best German University in Shanghai Ranking

Heidelberg University has garnered a first-place position among the German universities in the Shanghai Ranking 2014. In international comparison, Heidelberg ranked 49th. [More...]

Interior of a Cell

Heidelberg scientists have succeeded in mapping the intracellular topology by observing proteins in living cells on multiple time and length scales by developing a fluorescence microscopy-based technique. [More...]

The “Spark Plug” in Biomolecular Motors

Using high-performance computers, researchers at Heidelberg University have simulated processes that reveal how the “biological spark plug” works in the biomolecular motors of cells. [More...]

Document from the Early Years of the University

A papal bull from the early years of Heidelberg University hitherto believed lost has now found its way back home. The document was issued by Pope Urban VI and dates from 1387. [More...]

Falling Left and Right at the Same Time

Heidelberg physicists have developed a new method to verify quantum entanglement: the possibility in principle for particles of a system to fall both left and right at the same time. [More...]

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Wednesday 27th August 2014

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Biobakterien für die Forschung: Qualität, die sich auszahlt!

Dr. med. Ester Herpel, Privatdozentin für das Fach Pathologie

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