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CRC to Continue Its Successful Work

The Collaborative Research Centre (CRC 881) on “The Milky Way System” will continue its successful work. After an expert evaluation, the German Research Foundation approved a second funding period. [More...]

Summer School at the Heidelberg Center for Latin America

Outstanding young researchers from Latin America and Europe will gather in Santiago de Chile from 17 to 28 November 2014 for the third “Santander International Summer School”. [More...]

Is There Organic Matter on Mars?

A team of researchers led by geoscientist Frank Keppler has developed a new hypothesis to explain the observations of chloromethane, an organic compound, on the "Red Planet". [More...]

Outstanding Scores in "Best Global Universities" Rankings

In the new “Best Global Universities” rankings, Heidelberg University placed 59th in the world and second in Germany. It also fared extremely well in the rankings for specific subjects. [More...]

Marsilius Spring Academy

“Young and old. Two phases of life under pressure of optimisation” is the subject of next year’s Spring Academy at the Marsilius Kolleg. Interested participants can apply to attend until 15 December 2014. [More...]

On the Trail of Proteins

Scientists from Heidelberg University in collaboration with researchers from the University of Gießen are first to electrochemically detect protein binding on semiconductors. [More...]

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