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Universal Three-body Relation

Heidelberg physicists succeed in revealing the scaling behaviour of exotic giant molecules: The scientists investigated three-particle molecules, known as trimers, under exotic conditions. [More...]

Highly-endowed Funding for Heidelberg Biologist

Dr. Alexis Maizel, junior research group leader of Heidelberg University's “CellNetworks” Cluster of Excellence will receive funding of up to 900,000 euros over the next three-year period. [More...]

Excellent Contributions to Cancer Research

Carmen Wängler and Stephan Singer have received this year’s Hella Bühler Prize. The prize is aimed at young researchers whose outstanding cancer research has garnered well-deserved attention. [More...]

Highly Reactive Gold Carbene Complex

With a chemical “trick”, scientists have succeeded in iso­lating a stable gold carbene complex. Highly reactive gold carbene molecules play an important role in land­mark catalysing processes. [More...]

Best of Germany’s Major Academic Libraries

For the fifth consecutive year, Heidelberg University Library has been ranked at the top of the BIX Library Index. Heidelberg is the only major academic library to be among the leaders in all categories. [More...]

Improving Motor Skills after Stroke

A major stroke has serious repercussions on different brain functions. Neuro­scientists and computer scientists explore new treatment methods of medication and rehabilitation training. [More...]

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Universität Heidelberg Panoramas

Thursday 24th July 2014

03:00 PM

Kompetenzbasierte Aus- und Weiterbildung in der Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

Dr. med. Sören Huwendiek, Privatdozent für das Fach Kinder- und Jugendmedizin

04:00 PM

The ER-associated degradation pathway:

Pedro Carvalho, Center for Genomic Regulation (CRG), Barcelona, Spain.

05:00 PM

59. Gesprächskreis Rhein-Neckar

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