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Lasker Award for Ralf Bartenschlager

Heidelberg virologist Prof. Dr Ralf Bartenschlager receives the "2016 Lasker~DeBakey Clinical Medical Research Award" for his research on the hepatitis C virus. [Mehr...]

First Place in Natural Sciences and Mathematics in Germany

In the recently published Academic Ranking of World Universities Heidelberg placed first in Germany in the Broad Subject Fields Ranking for natural sciences and mathematics. [More...]

Repeat Success in THE Ranking

Heidelberg University has maintained its outstanding position in the Times Higher Education World University Ranking 2016-2017. Heidelberg again ranks second of the three best universities in Germany. [More...]

European history from an East Asian perspective

The European funding initiative HERA supports a new European research project at Heidelberg University's Cluster of Excellence “Asia and Europe in a global context”. [More...]

Future Climatic Changes

A new Emmy Noether junior research group will study the history of ocean currents over the last 30,000 years in an attempt to uncover parameters for understanding future climatic changes. [More...]

Successful Placement in QS World University Ranking

Ruperto Carola again takes its place among the best three universities in Germany: In the QS World Ranking 2016/2017, Heidelberg places third. At the international level, Heidelberg ranks 72nd. [More...]

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Tuesday 27th September 2016

04:00 PM

Reversible, specific, functional RNAprotein granules triggered by heat shock in budding yeast

Edward Wallace, The University of Chicago, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, USA

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