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Prebiotic Chemistry from Primitive Earth

Researchers from Heidelberg and Essen discovered evidence of organic chemistry from primitive earth in several billion years old samples of quartz deposits from Western Australia. [More...]

Miniature Weapons in the Animal Kingdom

Genetically unrelated organisms evolve similar traits. Biologists at Heidelberg University have now uncovered an example of convergence at the subcellular level in unicellular organisms and cnidarians. [More...]

Higher Precision in Cell Mechanic Research

The scientists from the universities of Heidelberg and Chicago (USA) used optogenetics and mathematical modelling to identify a central molecule in cellular mechanics. [More...]

Yana Vaynzof Receives ERC Starting Grant

Heidelberg physicist Prof. Dr Yana Vaynzof is receiving a highly endowed grant from the European Research Council (ERC), an ERC Starting Grant for excellent young researchers. [More...]

Analysis of Complex Protein Interactions

Heidelberg scientists developed a new technique: The composition of specific functional protein complexes in their cellular environment can now be analysed with unprecedented resolution. [More...]

New method of investigation

Heidelberg chemists are closing in on the secret of possible new enzymes by having developed a special method for investigating the biological function of patellamides. [More...]

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Tuesday 27th June 2017

02:00 PM

Holzerbe und Baumarchäologie: Jahrgenaue Datierung und Umweltgeschichte

Dr. Oliver Nelle, Denkmalamt, Hemmenhofen

02:15 PM

The literary afterlives of Bartolomé de las Casas

Prof. Dr. Rolena Adorno, Yale University

03:15 PM

Diplomatische Korrespondenz des Alten Orients

Dr. Lisa Wilhelmi, Universität Heidelberg, Seminar für Sprachen und Kulturen des Vorderen Orients, Assyriologie

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