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Geysers in Space

Heidelberg scientists assume that Saturn’s moon Enceladus may have hydrothermal activity, which increases the probability that it could host suitable environments for living organisms. [More...]

Joint Catalysis Laboratory “CaRLa” Extended

An ongoing research cooperation between Heidelberg University and BASF, the joint catalysis laboratory “CaRLa” (Catalysis Research Laboratory), has been extended to 2017. [More...]

What Happens in Cells and Cell Walls

Biologist Dr. Thomas Greb is receiving an ERC Con­so­li­da­tor Grant, a highly endowed grant from the Euro­pean Research Council. Greb investigates the pro­cesses in cells and cell walls as plants grow. [More...]

The Regulation of Water Exchange in the Brain

Neurobiologists at Heidelberg University have now discovered a new mechanism that regulates the speed and direction of water flow between the cerebral spinal fluid and the brain cells. [More...]

Image and Mirror Image

The working group headed by Prof. Dr. Oliver Trapp at the Institute of Organic Chemistry are the first to de­velop a temperature-controlled catalyst that syn­the­sis­es both molecular mirror images of a product. [More...]

Excellent Placement in THE Reputation Ranking

Heidelberg University climbs into the world’s top 40 universities in the Times Higher Education World Reputation Ranking 2015. In this year, Heidelberg placed 38th and ranks second in Germany. [More...]

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