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Kidsclub of Heidelberg University 

Erica Meier-Perin
Im Neuenheimer Feld 370/371
69120 Heidelberg
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Family Orientation


Img 0197International Schools

Heidelberg International School  (H.I.S.)

The H.I.S. Heidelberg International School is an independent full-time supplementary school for students aged four to 18 of all nationalities and cultures. The school's offer is aimed at internationally mobile families and multilingual students from the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region.

The University of Heidelberg has a cooperation agreement with the school, which enables the university employees to receive reduced school fees.

Ecole Pierre et Marie Curie

The Ecole Pierre et Marie Curie Heidelberg is a French-German preschool and elementary school with a daycare center and recognized alternative school.

Schools for visiting scholar children

If you will be staying at the university guesthouse, the two closest elementary schools are the Heiligenberg School in Handschuhsheim and the Mönchhof School in Neuenheim. The Heiligenberg school offers additional German remedial lessons for children with little or no knowledge of German.



School Guide Heidelberg

With the school guide families receive an overview of the wide range of schools, contacts and dates available.


Auskünfte über die verschiedenen Schulen und Schularten erteilt auch das Staatliche Schulamt für den Stadtkreis Heidelberg

Staatliches Schulamt für den Stadtkreis Heidelberg
Friedrich-Ebert-Platz 3
69117 Heidelberg
Tel. +49 6221 58-32011 / 58-32012


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