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The Backup-Service at Heidelberg University


The university’s Backup-Service provides flexible emergency care in urgent and unforeseeable situations, e.g. unavailability of regular care or absence of the parents for professional reasons.

It’s possible to choose between half a day (at least 3 hours) and all day care.

Children up to six years can be admitted to the KidsClub (INF 370). The places at the Backup-Service are electronically assigned, so that you can get a booking-confirmation on short notice (provided that a free place is available).


  • 5 Euro (child/hour) for employees of the university
  • 8 Euro (child/hour) for others




Offers in Heidelberg:


  •  HeiHieLS

    A task group of the Heidelberg Family Alliance has developed a project called HeiHieLS (Heidelberg Help in extreme Life Situations). Since July 2009 families and single persons in Heidelberg find fast and unbureaucratic help in urgent situations. From Monday through Friday from 16 to 6 and all-day on the weekend you can call different services:

    • Taking care of houses and apartments during an emergency absence

    • Nightwatch

    • Child care and more


    Fees: According to the provider of the service
    Phone: 01805 365690
    Further information ( Flyer)

  •  Mobile Family Care Heidelberg

    Mobile Family Care Heidelberg is a care institution with long lasting experiences in urgent situations. Further information( Flyer).


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