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CHE-Publication: Lessons learnt from the Covid19 Pandemic (German)

The effects of the corona pandemic pose major challenges for university staff and students with family responsibilities. A current publication by the CHE Center for University Development shows which measures to reconcile family and work/studies have so far proven themselves in the current crisis.


Education system in Baden-Württemberg

Helpful videoclips that explain the education system in Baden-Württemberg in a simple and descriptive way.

Family in focus
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The Backup-Service at Heidelberg University


The university’s Backup-Service provides flexible emergency care in urgent and unforeseeable situations, e.g. unavailability of regular care or absence of the parents for professional reasons.

It’s possible to choose between half a day (at least 3 hours) and all day care.

Children up to six years can be admitted to the KidsClub (INF 370). The places at the Backup-Service are electronically assigned, so that you can get a booking-confirmation on short notice (provided that a free place is available).


  • 5 Euro (child/hour) for employees of the university and the PH Heidelberg
  • 8 Euro (child/hour) for others




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