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heiTRACK Certificate Programme

The certificate programme known as heiTRACK is specifally designed for all tenure-track professors at Heidelberg University. The optional programme is delivered by the Personnel Development and the Teaching and Learning services who provide personal support during this important career phase. HeiTRACK prepares participants for a W3 professorship by focusing on personal and transferable skills. The heiTRACK certificate programme has a modular structure.

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Basic module

The basic module focuses on the early and individual planning of the career phase “tenure-track professorship”. The programme begins with an entrance meeting for every new tenure-track professor to discuss individual career goals and planning with staff from the Personnel Development and the Teaching and Learning services.

The content of the entrance meeting is:

  • Tailoring the programme to the personal situation of the tenure-track professor
  • Individual selection of offerings in the advanced module

Accompanying the later Conciliar Evaluation, the tenure-track professors can take advantage of a status meeting with the Personnel Development plus a class-room observation by the Center of Teaching and Learning.

Advanced Module

The advanced module has three components. Each component has a number of content options, from which tenure-track professors can choose based on personal needs, prior knowledge and requirements at their respective institute.

Component I: Training

The tenure-track professors put together their individual “package” from the training offerings in the five topic areas below. To obtain the certificate, candidates must take at least 80 hours of course training during the six-year programme, with at least one course from each area.

Transferable skills and personal development

The focus here is on further developing individual transferable skills. The range of topics goes from leadership skills to project management to communication. The tenure-track professors are also eligible to participate in the management programme “Towards a Professorship”.


In this topic area the tenure-track professors receive support regarding their own research, with an emphasis on acquiring third-party funding. The coursework ranges from conveying information to individual support in submitting grant applications.

Teaching and learning

The aim here is to give support in planning and conducting research-oriented teaching. It includes, for example, individual coaching on teaching and learning methods, or the professional support of innovative teaching projects.

Academic administration

This topic covers aspects of internal administration and workflows at Heidelberg University. Offerings range from legal issues to budgeting to processes of personnel administration.

Knowledge transfer

This topic is focused on communication and marketing of scientific results, start-up management, patents and designing research cooperations.

GOAL: Structured competence development preparing for the W3 professorship

Component II: Events

heiTRACK periodically offers events at Heidelberg University for programme participants. These events may be structured as networking events, fireside chats, info sessions etc. for tenure-track professors to gain insights into internal structures and networks. This facilitates orientation and individual positioning, which are beneficial for successful, long-term work at Heidelberg University. It is also a good opportunity for setting up personal networks outside individual departments, which facilitates interdisciplinary work.

Attendance at six events is compulsory over the six years, in order to obtain the certificate.

GOAL: Knowledge about internal structures and networks at Heidelberg University

Component III: Individual consultation (optionally)

Individual Coaching

Individual coaching provides participants a hand-selected professional coach to support focused professional development. Typical coaching topics might include leadership skills, role clarification, conflict management etc. The Personnel Development service works with tenure-track professors to find the right coach based on the needs and goals of the participant.

Peer Coaching

Participants will be assisted to form a peer-coaching group after an introduction to the method by a professional coach. The group's goals are to resolve professional issues with the assistance of colleagues, interdisciplinary exchange, and to provide relation-building opportunities.

GOAL: Clarifying individual questions in the work context


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