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Sarah Larlee: About my Internship

Dsc 1304-250

​My time at the Heidelberg University Archives was amazing. I learned a little bit about every department at the Archives. I helped out in the Magazine archives, learned about the photo archive, and helped answer inquiries that were sent to the Archives. The staff and interns are all very friendly and were very helpful when I didn’t fully understand what they were asking.

My German is not very good because I have only been studying it for about four years, but I was able to improve my vocabulary by working with and organizing Flugblätter (pamphlets from different groups from the University; mostly political in nature) and also through my work translating information about Ernst Krieck. I was asked to translate the German Wikipedia page about him into English, and although it was quite difficult at times I am so happy that I was given the opportunity to do translation work.

My advice for future potential interns is to think about your level of fluency in German. If you aren’t very good at German and get bored easily than you may want to rethink working at the Archives. But I wholeheartedly recommend working at the Archives. The entire staff is unbelievably nice and truly want to see you succeed and they are always willing to help.

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