Dr. Seyed Hossein Zarhani




Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science, 
South Asia Institute, Heidelberg University
Voßstr. 2, Building 4130
D-69115 Heidelberg, Germany

     Room: 3, 1st floor
     Tel.: +49 6221 5415292
     Email: zarhani@uni-heidelberg.de
     Office Hours:

Tuesday 2 pm to 3.30 pm or upon arrangement

Please send an email beforehand for an appointment

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Publications And Research 2


Source Book



  • Governance and Development in India: A Comparative Study on Andhra Pradesh and Bihar After Liberalization, (Routledge: London and New York, 2019, Paperback 2020)



Source Paper

Peer-Reviewed Articles


  • With Rahul Mukherji, “India's Democracy: The Competitive Authoritarian Propensity?” in Pacific Affairs. PDF
  • With Rahul Mukherji, “Policy paradigms and path dependence: the endogenous roots of institutional displacement and drift in India,” Global Public Policy and Governance, vol. 1, No. 1,(2021), pp. 78-97.(2021). PDF
  • Governing India: Evolution of Programmatic Welfare in Andhra Pradesh” (co- authored with Rahul Mukherji). Studies in Indian PoliticsVol.8, No.1 (2020), pp.7-21.
  • With Rahul Mukherji and K. Raju, “State Capacity and Welfare Politics in India: Implementing the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme in Undivided Andhra Pradesh”, Indian Journal of Human Development, Vol.12, No. 2 (2018), pp.282–297.



Source Bookchapter

Book Chapters


  • With Rahul Mukherji "The Pandemic and Competitive Authoritarianism in India." In Democracy, State-Capacity and the Governance of COVID-19 in Asia Oceania, edited by Aurel Croissant and Olli Hellmann (Routledge, 2023) PDF
  • With Rahul Mukherji “India’s Economy”, in Sumit Ganguly and Niel De Votta, ed., Understanding Contemporary India, (Lynne Rienner Publishers: Boulder, Forthcoming 2021).
  • Fatāwā-ye jahāndāri: Hybrid Political Theory in the Delhi Sultanate (Perso-Islamic and Endogenous Traditions of Statecraft in India)”, in Michael Liebig and Saurabh Mishra, eds.,  Arthashastra in a Transcultural Perspective: Comparing Kautilya with Sun-Zi, Nizam al- Mulk, Barani and Machiavelli,(IDSA/ Pentagon Press: New Delhi, 2017).
  • “Social Networking Websites and Collective Action in the Arab Spring. Case study: Bahrain”, in Maria do Céu Pinto, ed., Thinking Out of the Box: Devising New European Policies to Face the Arab Spring, (Diario de Bordo Editores: Lisboa, 2014).
  • “Empowerment of female Headed Households Case Study: Sedighin Charity in Iran”, in V. Ravindra Sastry and. G. Ram Reddy, eds., Empowerment state, governance and beyond, (Research India Press: New Delhi, 2013).



Source Book

Book Reviews


  •  “Development after statism: industrial firms and the political economy of South Asia, by Adnan Nasimullah, Commonwealth & Comparative Politics,Vol. 56, No.4 (2020), pp.567-569.



Source Newspaper

Comments and Policy Papers


  • With Rahul Mukherji and Jai Shankar Prasad, “Can COVID-19 malign the idea of India?”, in the Viral Condition: Identities Virtual Symposium, Identities Journal. Click Here.
  • With Rahul Mukherji, A.S.M. Mostafizur Rahman and Jai Shankar Prasad,“Analysing the Modi Years – Credit and Criticism”, The Wire. Click Here
  • The Lifting of Sanctions on Iran: Implications for India-Iran Economic and Commercial Ties”, ISAS Insights (National University of Singapore), No.311. Click Here

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