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Matthias Wolny




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PhD project carrying the title Integrazione multilivello e spazi comunicativi complessi nell’era delle migrazioni globalizzate (Multi-level linguistic integration and complex communicative spaces in the age of globalized migration).

May 2017

Visiting researcher at Babylon Center of the University of Tilburg.

February-March 2016

Visiting researcher at Babylon Center of the University of Tilburg.


MA studies (Magister Artium) in Romance Studies and German Language and Literature Studies at Heidelberg University (MA thesis: Il problema dell’integrazione linguistica di immigrati meridionali a Mestre e Venezia – The problem of linguistic integration of Southern Italian immigrants in Mestre and Venice).


Study at Padua University (Italy) under the ERASMUS program.


Secondary school diploma at Thomas-Mann-Gymnasium in Stutensee (Germany).

Research Interests

  • Theory of Sociolinguistics and Sociology of Language
  • Sociolinguistics of Migration and Globalization
  • Language Policy (especially regarding minority languages)
  • Linguistic Landscape Research
  • Critical Toponomastics
  • Linguistic Anthropology
  • Language History

Concluded Projects


Organization of the conference Trends in Toponymy 6 at Heidelberg University.


Co-Organizer of the winter school 2013 and the summer school 2014 at the EZS (Europäisches Zentrum für Sprachwissenschaft) of Heidelberg University and of the Limes Conference 2013 at the Seminar of Romance Studies of Heidelberg University.


Books (as an editor)


with Ronny Beckert, Stefaniya Ptashnyk and Patrick Wolf-Farré: Gegenwärtige Sprachkontakte im Kontext der Migration (Contemporary language contact in the context of migration). Heidelberg, Winter.

Articles and Volume Chapters

In Preparation

L’influsso italiano nelle tifoserie organizzate in Germania. In: Dinamiche sociolinguistiche e interculturali nei contesti sportivi. Proceedings of the ConferenceDinamiche sociolinguistiche e interculturali nei contesti sportivi” (Siena, 15-16 November 2018).

In Preparation

The Italian community of Karlsruhe (Germany). In: Goglia, Francesco & Hajek, John: Italian(s) abroad: Italian language and migration in cities of the world. (accepted to the series “Language and Social Life” at Mouton de Gruyter).

(accepted by Urban Geography)

“This Venue Is Brought to You by…”: The Diffusion of Sports Facility Name Sponsorship in Urban Europe. (with J. Vuolteenaho and Guy Puzey)


Mehrsprachigkeit moldawischer Migranten in Italien: Repertoires, Sprachgebrauch, transnationale Kommunikation (The multilinguaism of moldovan migrants in Italy: repertoires, language use and transnational communication). In: Beckert et al.: Gegenwärtige Sprachkontakte im Kontext der Migration, pp. 261-286.


Vorwort (Preface). (with R. Beckert, S. Ptashnyk and Patrick Wolf-Farré). In: Beckert et al.: Gegenwärtige Sprachkontakte im Kontext der Migration,pp. 7-9.


Die Kommodifizierung der urbanen Toponymie in Turin. Der Fall des Juventus Stadiums (The commodification of the urban toponymy in the city of Turin. The case of Juventus Stadium). In: Names and their Environment – Proceedings of the 25th International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, Glasgow, 25-29 August 2014 – Volume 2: Toponomastics II, Glasgow, pp. 195-205.


Use and Functions of Plurilingual Repertoires in Immigrant Networks. Some Evidence from Venice (Italy). In: Kuczynski, Marek and Leszek Szymanski (eds.): Language, Thought and Education: Exploring Networks, Zielona Gora, Uniwersytet Zielonogorski, pp. 27-38.


Nicknames in Italian Popular Culture. The Case of Footballers’ Nicknames in the Media. In: Tort i Donada, Joan / Montagut i Montagut, Montserrat (eds.): Els noms en la vida quotidiana. Actes del XXIV Congrés Internacional d’ICOS sobre Ciències Onomàstiques – Names in daily life. Proceedings of the XXIV ICOS International Congress of Onomastic Sciences, pp. 929-936 ( publicacions_en_linia/btpl_col/actes_icos).


Communicative Space and Language Use in the Age of Globalized Migration. In: Ammermann, Anne et al. (eds.): Facets of Linguistics. Proceedings of the 14th Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium 2013 in Halle (Saale), Frankfurt/Main, Peter Lang, pp. 231-245.


Auswirkungen der Einwanderungspolitik auf die soziale und sprachliche Integration von Immigranten in Italien (The effects of immigration policy measures on the social and linguistic integration of immigrants in Italy). In: Natale, Silvia et al. (eds.): Noio volevàn savuàr. Festschrift für Edgar Radtke zu seinem 60. Geburtstag. Frankfurt/Main, Peter Lang, pp. 299-312.

Conference Presentations


[with Nicole Schröder] The sociolinguistics of migration between integration policies and transnational communicative practices, 3rd International Conference on the Sociolinguistics of Immigration – Sestri Levante.


[with Jani Vuolteenaho and Guy Puzey] A Critical Transnational Comparison of the Commodification of the Names of Sports Venues in European Cities, 7th Nordic Geographers Meeting – Stockholm.


[with Anna Ritter] The Russian Language in the Linguistic Landscape of Western European Cities between Migration and Tourism. Examples from Nuremberg (Germany) and Venice (Italy), 37th International LAUD Symposium – Landau.


The construction and use of multilingual repertoires among Moldovan immigrants in Venice (Italy), 14th International Pragmatics Conference – Antwerp.


Superdiverse communicative spaces. Immigrant communities and their repertoires in the city of Venice, The Sociolinguistics of Globalization – Hong Kong.


Multilingual repertoires and transnational spaces. Language use and attitudes among immigrants in Venice (Italy), ISB 10 – Rutgers University.


Differentiation of the urban space: Linguistic diversity in the Linguistic Landscape of Venice, Linguistic Landscape 7 – Berkeley.


Scales and boundaries in the multilingual Linguistic Landscape of Venice, AAAL – Toronto.


Commodification of the urban toponymy in the city of Turin (Italy). The case of Juventus Stadium, XXV International Congress of Onomastic Sciences – Glasgow.


Superdiverse communicative spaces: transnational migrant communities and their repertoires, Sociolinguistics Symposium 20: Language / Time / Space – Jyväskylä.


Multilingualism and spatiality among immigrant communities in urban Italy, ISB 9 – Singapore.


Circulation of information and the benefit of plurilingual repertoires in translocal migrant systems, Language and Super-diversity: Explorations and interrogationsJyväskylä.


Naming rights, merchandise and corporate identity. Commodification of the urban toponymy in the city of Turin (Italy), AAG Annual Meeting – Los Angeles.


Kommunikativer Raum im Zeichen der globalisierten Migration – Fallbeispiele moldawischer Immigranten in Italien (Communicative Space and globalized migration – A case study of Moldovan immigrants in Italy), 14. Norddeutsches Linguistisches Kolloquium – Halle (Saale).


Naming Strategies in Italian Football Today, Trends in Toponymy 5 – Bern.


Use and Functions of Plurilingual Repertoires in Immigrant Networks. Some Evidence from Venice, The 2nd Conference on Language, Thought, Education: Exploring Networks – Zielona Góra.


Use and Functions of Plurilingual Repertoires in Immigrant Communities. Some Evidence from Venice (Poster), Bilingual and Multilingual Interaction – ESRC Bangor.


Nicknames in Italian Popular Culture. The Case of Footballers’ Nicknames in the Media, XXIV ICOS International Congress of Onomastic Sciences: Names in Daily Life – Barcelona.


Multilingual Communication with and within Immigrant Communities in Italy, ISB 8 – International Symposium on Bilingualism – Oslo.


Linguistic Conditioning of the Labour Market in Venice, “Language, Migration and Labour” 4th International Seminar Series – AILA Research Network “Language and Migration” – Fribourg.


Migration and Language Contact in Venice Past and Present, International Conference of Historical Linguistics 19 – Nijmegen.


(Presentation of the MA thesis), Soziolinguistentag – Heidelberg.

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