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Nicole Schröder




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Since 2016 Research assistant in French and Romance linguistics, Romance Languages Department of Heidelberg University
2015-2016 Lectrice de langue allemande, Université Lumière Lyon 2, France
2014-2015 Lectrice de langue allemande, Académie de la Réunion, France
2011-2012 Assistant Teacher (German as a Foreign Language), Académie de la Réunion, France
2007-2013 French Language & Literature Studies, English Language & Literature Studies and Psychology at Heidelberg University (Thesis of state examination: Linguistic choices in a bilingual and bidialectal family in Montreal - a case study)

Forschungsschwerpunkte / Research Interests

  • Creole Studies
  • (Socio)linguistics of migration
  • Sociolinguistics and the Sociology of Language
  • Linguistic Anthropology
  • Multilingualism
  • Language History

Aktuelle Projekte / Research Projects

currently PhD project: The dynamics of language socialisation in the French-creole context of Reunion Island (working title)
currently Cooperation in the research project SmartSpeaking City – alles nur bla bla? Eine Analyse der sprachlich-semiotischen Konstruktion von smartness in der Stadt und im Stadtmarketing aus crossnationaler Perspektive. Head of project: Sara Matrisciano, WU Vienna.
2017 Organiser of the Soziolinguistentag 2017 at the Romance Languages Department of Heidelberg University (in succession of the previously annual conference of the graduate school Dynamik von Substandardvarietäten).

Funktionen an der Universität

Teaching French and Romance linguistics

Course coordinator for French linguistics and M.Ed. (Modulbeauftragte französische Sprachwissenschaft & M.Ed. Verschränkungsmodul Französisch)

Publikationen / Publications

in print [with Ronny Beckert] “Le créole à l’école et l’opinion publique: une étude comparative à la Réunion et au Cap Vert.” To be published in the Conference Proceedings of the 16th International Creole Studies Colloquium.
2018 French Creole in La Reunion: Problems of defining a ‘language’ for educational purposes.” In: Pluricentric Languages and Non-Dominant Varieties Worldwide: New pluricentric languages – old problems. Rudolf Muhr & Benjamin Meisnitzer (eds.). Frankfurt a.M. / Wien et al.: Peter Lang, 413-425.

Conference Presentations & Guest lectures

07/2019 Language socialisation in the French-Creole context of Reunion Island, Summer School „New World Crucibles of Globalization” (Heidelberg University)
04/2019 Sprachliche Sozialisierung im französisch-kreolischen Raum auf La Réunion, guest lecture in the Linguistisches Kolloquium (Romance Languages Department, Unversity of Vienna)
10/2018 [with Ronny Beckert] Le créole à l’école: une étude comparative à la Réunion et le Cap Vert, 16th International Creole Studies Colloquium (University of the Seychelles)
09/2018 [with Matthias Wolny] The sociolinguistics of migration between integration policies and transnational communicative practices, 3rd International Conference on the Sociolinguistics of Immigration (Sestri Levante)
02//2018 Dynamic models of multilingualism and Creole language policy, 3rd Conference on Language, Identity and Education in Multilingual Contexts (San Marino Institute, Dublin)
01/2018 French-based creoles, guest lecture in the seminar Pidgins and Creoles (held by Prof. Dr. Glauser, English Department, Heidelberg University)
01/2018 French-based creoles from a variationist perspective, guest lecture in the seminar Varietätenlinguistik, Grammatik und Lexikologie (held by Clara Stumm, Romance Languages Department, University of Bonn)
07/2017 Between linguistic insecurity and patriotism: Young speakers’ language attitudes in La Réunion, 6th World Conference on Pluricentric Languages and their Non-Dominant Varieties (Mainz University)
01/2017 Initiation au créole réunionnais, creole workshop in a French classroom, 11th grade secondary school class (Handelslehranstalt Bühl)
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