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Marsilius Study Program

The goal of the Marsilius Study Program is to create an opportunity for interdisciplinary research during a degree program. The courses can be completed as part of an undergraduate or doctoral degree. [Homepage]

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Promoting Young Researchers

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Research-oriented Teaching

Heidelberg University places particular importance on research-oriented teaching and excellently structured doctoral programmes in the training of young researchers and the advancement of outstanding young researchers.

Career Paths and Continuing Education

Heidelberg University offers its junior scientists clearly structured career paths aimed at attracting and retaining young talent from the international marketplace. [More...] (Ger)

Research Support

The University informs scientists about support programmes, offers advice regarding application procedures and the legal issues of research funding, and supports researchers in the administration of their projects. [More...]


Graduate Academy

The Graduate Academy is the central coordinating body for all support services related to general advising, professional and academic development and financial assistance for doctoral candidates at Heidelberg University. [Homepage]


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